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  1. A

    Need to swap out the antenna on 2019 Explorer

    I have a 2019 Explorer Limited. My roof antenna was completely wiped out by my garage door. I want to replace it with a "Shark Fin" style antenna instead of the old "stick" antenna. Finding a compatible replacement has proven to be much more difficult than I imagined. But if you can swap out...
  2. J

    2005 Explorer CB Instal

    Hi everyone! I just bought a used 2005 Explorer and I am going to start installing my radios in it. Thought I would share how I would do it. Below is the factory radio setup. Below is a sample of my install. Installed radio will be Cobra 29LX. I will be using a Larsen NMO27B antenna on a...
  3. L

    Sync 3 - No GPS or AM/FM Radio ?

    I have a 2017 Ford Explorer Limited, running latest Sync 3 software. The GPS and Radio for AM and FM just stopped working one morning. None of the stations can be found, just static. Android auto works. I tried several master resets without any luck. This model has a stock fin antenna on the...
  4. E

    CB Radio Install

    So recently I just installed a cb into my 02 Ex. I wasn’t able to find very many threads on here about installing one but I believe I have a good write up. The hood channel mount, coax cable, and antenna were ordered on Amazon with Prime. They all are Firestik brand. I will post more pics of...
  5. B

    2018 Explorer antenna

    i was driving home today and notice the 2018 explorer antenna. Looks like going backward in design. Can anyone explain why they went with the antenna that sticks out like it does in the picture? Is it the cellular antenna for the FordPass connect and the cellular hotspot?
  6. 2

    How to remove a broken antenna bolt?

    My antenna was snapped off by an automatic car wash a few months ago and I now have the time to replace it. I purchased an screw extractor but can’t get it to thread into the broken bolt. I’m wondering if removing the antenna nut will give me better access to the broken bolt. But I can’t seem to...
  7. P

    08 Ltd, Kenwood DDX6902s, Maestro RR. Do I have an antenna amplifier

    Recently installed a Kenwood DDX6902s and Maestro system. Took a long time, and works pretty well. I need some serious "seat time" to get to know the ins and outs of this unit. One thing that really bothers me. The FM Radio works, but reception is nowhere near as good as factory head was...
  8. E

    New Member Intro

    Hey everyone! My names Emily. I'm a fairly new explorer owner, bought mine in December 2013. I found this forum by Google, I had (and still have) a broken radio antenna I tried to fix. If anyone has any help with my radio antenna, please let me know! :)
  9. C

    Power Antenna Supply problem

    Hello, I'm Carlos Torres from Colombia and I have a Ford Explorer 1995 Eddie Bauer. I have a question about the Power antenna supply, because i saw in some forums that when the antenna fails the problem is the mast or the antenna motor. but i revised the mast and the motor, and are OK...
  10. M

    No Power to Power Antenna

    So after years of terrible radio reception, I finally removed my power antenna module and dug-out the broken plastic cable. However, when I turn my aftermarket stereo on, no power is going to the antenna. I think it may have been disconnected a long time ago. The blue wire from the head unit...
  11. CamDJClimited

    Explorer Power Antenna Question

    My power antenna goes up and down just fine, but my radio reception is terrible! I know I have the cable hooked up right at the headunit, but I can't figure it out. Someone mentioned that the ground could be bad, but where is the powered antenna grounded? And if anyone else has any other...
  12. LONO100

    new antenna

    hey all, anyone know hwere i can get a good aftermarket antenna? im looking for a short black antenna, anyone know any good links where i might be able to find one? thanks
  13. N

    Plugging antenna hole on passenger fender.

    ANYONE EVER DONE THIS? So I removed the antenna and the mount off my 05 xlt. I am left with an oval-shaped hole in the passenger side fender. ANy ideas what I can use to plug this hole? I tried using some caulk to plug the plastic moulding that once surronded where the antenna attaced to the...
  14. other antenna catch

    other antenna catch

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    antenna catch

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  17. My Antenna

    My Antenna