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  1. T

    Bolt stuck - Axel arm - Heat??

    Busted the driver's side axel arm on my 2wd. Gutted every piece of suspension on that side to get to it now the broken bit is hostage of the pivot bracket by way of one nasty bolt - Im about to remove the dang bracket and cut/machine/see if i can apply proper leverage to bust the f'er loose. I...
  2. Maniak

    How To: Change Interior Door Pull on a 1st Gen - Video

    I just noticed I never posted this in this forum. Here is a video I did on how to replace the interior door pull on a 1st gen. In this case I did it on the passenger side. ~Mark
  3. D

    Wanted Wiper arm compatibility for '01 Sport?

    So my wiper arms are losing tension and I want to replace them (or at least one of them) before the heavy snow starts to fall but it's incredibly hard to find a place that carries them in the greater Toronto area. So I turned to e-bay and found some for a reasonable price but none specifically...
  4. One lid support arm.

    One lid support arm.

  5. Brandon96

    How does one remove the rear wiper arm?

    Thats probably the most stupid question you've read all year, but I've been repainting the wiper arms, wiper cowls and roof rack on my explorer tonight because they're severely faded and chipping... I get around to the rear wiper arm, and I thoouught there would just be a little tab I press...
  6. J

    Sway bar end links and bushings need advice.

    I have a 2k exp XLT AWD 5.0. Daily driver. Problem is that for the last 2 years i keep tearing up the upper sway arm bushing (the top one). I noticed that the OEM one had literally sheard the bolt off (no damage to the sway arm). I replaced it with a oem one and after about a year i was doing...
  7. H

    Factory Alarm "Arm" Wire

    Does anyone know if this truck has a factory alarm "arm" wire for use with an aftermarket alarm system? If so does someone know what wire it is?
  8. 05 super duty radius arm

    05 super duty radius arm

    05 super duty radius arm
  9. 05 super duty pitman arm

    05 super duty pitman arm

    05 super duty pitman arm
  10. After Attica 5

    After Attica 5

    extended radius arm of the Skyjacker 6" lift
  11. radius arm bracket

    radius arm bracket

    rebuilt radius arm bracket
  12. bent rancho radius arm

    bent rancho radius arm

    Bent radius arm