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    Center Console Arm Rest

    I have googled and searched every kind of parts site there is. I CAN NOT FIND a center console arm rest. The bottom part of the arm rest broke and all I really need is that backing that screws off.
  2. Z

    For Sale RIPT USA- Custom lids/colors available, DIY kits, Repair Service

    Hello everyone, RIPT USA has been in business for almost a year and a half and now will be offering some new products/services! Please excuse my website's appearance, I did all of the HTML myself and a proffessionaly redone version is coming in a few weeks! You can purchase these items by...
  3. Rear Window Switch Wiring

    Rear Window Switch Wiring

    This picture shows the wiring connected to the rear window switch of a '99 Explorer XL. Note the arrows point to empty slots in the harness but the switch itself has contacts there--it is suspected that this is the illumination circuit that isn't used in the base model.