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  1. G

    5R55S transmission ATF change problem

    Hi everybody, I am new here and I need some help from experts. I have erroneously drained the transmission fluid in my 2009 XLT 4x4 Explorer (automatic 5x + O/D, hence with a 5R55S transmission) and had to refill it. I pumped in 6 quarts, run the engine 30 sec then went on pumping in the...
  2. S

    Transmission fluid

    Hello everybody! I love my old ford, and hope to your experience, to get some help. I have some mystical issue with my old explorer xlt 1992. The few mounth ago the oil level in transmission began decreasing. There are no any serious leak under car. So one week ago its begun some strange...
  3. J

    Does Jiffy Lube owe me?

    First off I know I probably shouldn't be taking my 2004 Ford Explorer to jiffy lube for a transmission flush. I usually do my own work if it's simple but since these are closed systems I didn't have the equipment to do it. Anyway a couple weeks after I had his done I noticed a bad transmission...
  4. natenkiki2004

    Coolant in Trans lines?

    My concern: I see fresh coolant "seeping" from the upper transmission cooler line going into the radiator. From everything I read on here, the ATF pressure should be high enough that if the radiator tank (or gasket?) were to break the barrier between coolant and ATF lines that ATF would seep...
  5. S

    Transfer Case Fluid: Royal Purple?

    Has anyone out there tried running Royal Purple ATF in their transfer case? I have an '02 XLT with auto-4WD (dash selector switches, not AWD) and I'm considering this stuff for my upcoming fluid change. Royal Purple Max ATF According to the web page above, this is a compatible...
  6. C

    installing a new 4r55e, fluid level?

    I'm installing a new 4r55e into my '97 explorer. Tranny tech told me that it should take up to 11-12 qts of atf. He said to not to remove the TC and just install the tranny and put 5qts in the tranny and crank it up (he said this will fill the TC), then add as needed. I have since 5 1/2 more qts...
  7. K

    02 Transfer Case - too much fluid?

    Hello, I just had the transmission rebuilt and the torque converter replaced on my 02 V8 Explorer 120K. A couple days after, I started getting ATF fluid dripping from the transfer case. Looked it up in my Haynes and it suggested checking the level of the transfer case fluid. When I...
  8. ATF fluid color chart

    ATF fluid color chart

    This chart is for a comparison of existing automatic transmission fluid against new fluid.