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audio question

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    Subwoofer setup suggestions?

    I've got a 1997 ford explorer and I want to setup a subwoofer and amp, 10" or 12" unless I come across a good deal for a 15 on craigslist. I need help picking out the sub and amp and I also need some instruction on the installation. Also if anyone has ideas as to how I could setup the sub and...
  2. W

    Sound system install

    i have a 2000 explorer xls with and aftermarket head unit, I picked up one of the 4door factory jbl amp and sub combo from the junk yard today, i dont know much about audio and subs, etc... but im pretty handy, what all do i need to do to get it to work?
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    Audio System Questions

    I have 96 Explorer with the premium audio I believe with the 6 CD changer, I know that if I get a new stereo I'll have to ditch the CD changer which I don't have a problem with. First off, I need some suggestions for a new HU and some speakers, all together I would like to keep it around...