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  1. B

    Speaker Upgrade for 2021 Limited with 12 Speaker B&O System

    I have a 2021 Limited with the 12 Speaker B&O System. Sadly, I liked the Sony system in my 2013 Sport much better. I don't plan on going crazy and I'm only going to replace the front door speakers because I only have it loud when I'm by myself. Does anyone know how much the amp is pushing to...
  2. C

    2016 Explorer Sport audio amp question.

    I've been looking but can't find the particular answer I'm looking for. I have a 2016 Explorer Sport with the Sony system and the bass is just lacking. Is the amp something that can just be directly replaced with a better aftermarket one? As in, can I simply unplug everything from the Sony amp...
  3. A

    Audio for Explorer 2003 Android OS

    Hello everyone! Sorry for my english and maybe I'm writing to the wrong section. I live in Paraguay. Bought Ford Explorer 4.0 AT. Please advise me an audio system with OS Android. I would like to be able to use google maps and install apps like Spotify.
  4. R

    Need help with OEM subwoofer install - 2014 XLT

    I've got a 2014 XLT and recently got an oem subwoofer from a friend. I was under the assumption that it would work semi plug n play with any xlt but I talked to a local dealer and they said that the 14 XLT needs a specific package to have the amp/hookup already installed? Trying to confirm...
  5. Y

    2004 EB 4x4 monster

    Hi everyone I’m kind of new to the forum and I was hoping to get information and opinions on all sorts of small subjects for my explorer. I do have to apologize ahead of time because I don’t know much about forum etiquette but I’ll do my best to conform. I have a 2004 Eddie Bauer explorer and I...
  6. E

    Dual factory subwoofers

    Hi. I have a 2004 Explorer XLS. I've been wanting to add some subwoofers for a while now, but I have limited space in the truck due to tools and work stuff. While at the junkyard for a new fender, I saw the explorer factory subwoofer enclosure. I did some research and found out it was an 8 inch...
  7. N

    2013 Base PIU non-sync - Want to begin audio upgrades

    Hi all! I'm trying to start upgrading the audio system in my Interceptor with the bare-bones audio system (just wired and enabled an Aux port to begin with, which was a piece of cake luckily), and I want to start off by adding an external amplifier while keeping the factory head unit for now...
  8. D

    Stereo Wiring Harness Issue? Speaker Location Wrong

    I recently intstalled an aftermarket stereo in my 08 explorer. Everything sounds fine, but I figured out that the speaker location is wrong. When I use the fader, “front” is left and “rear” is right. I checked my wire harness adapter, etc. and know that I didn’t wire it wrong. Is there anything...
  9. Exploring XLT

    Is one 10" sub good enough?

    Hey I have a line on a cheap 10" Pioneer sub and amp, can you guys let me know if they will be enough bass for my first gen four door Explorer? Amp is 800 peak 400 RMS, sub is 700 peak 350 RMS. Subwoofer: TS-W255C|DVC - Amplifier: GM-D7400M - Class-D Mono Amplifier with 800 Watts Max. Power
  10. K

    2014 XLT with flickering interior lighting and audio

    Hey everyone, Currently undergoing some electrical issues within my explorer. The first time that I noticed this was a few weeks ago when it was around zero degree F during a left hand turn from a stop. There isn't one particular feature that causes this issue, I can mess with the heat setting...
  11. HB Concepts

    Hello from Texas

    2014 Ford Explorer Limited in white pearl. Full custom audio system. Removing 8” stock sub. Replacing with 8” Kicker sub. Rockford Fosgate amps and Boston Acoustics crossovers. Pro 6.5’s in front. Pro 6.5.3 in the rear. 2 - 10” JL Audio subwoofers and aftermarket 8” Kicker subwoofer in...
  12. J

    Sterio won't turn off (or function)!

    Hi All, This is a head-scratcher. The short story is the sterio in my 2004 Eddie Bauer Explorer is displaying "Phone" and the only way to shut it off is disconnect the power (I have no idea why it's displaying Phone because it doesn't have a phone interface). It won't function at all or...
  13. S

    Convert Basic stereo to Mach audio

    i have read through the threads and can’t find EXACTLY what I’m looking to have have answered. Most threads are how to fix things that are broken. I have a 2001 XLT with standard audio system. I have at my disposal a 2001 Eddie Bauer donor truck which has the premium audio system with fully...
  14. S

    New guy 2nd gen

    Hey guys, I have a 97 explorer sport 4.0 SOHC that's bordering 200k. That being said, I'm looking to do a lot to it. I'm getting ready to replace my ball joints (uppers and lowers) I'm putting some new brakes and other necessary stuff first but after that's good I'm going to do a tt and put some...
  15. J

    1999 Ford Explorer Sport TO DYNAMAT OR NOT TO DYNAMAT

    Here I go again with my stupid posts. The title pretty much covers my question should I actually go through with Dynamat-ing or using another sound deadener on my X to both A. Keep my music in my vehicle and B. To keep road noise out (Also C I cut my muffler off like the 17 year old boi I am but...
  16. J

    Audio Installation Help 1996

    I've recently bought 2 memphis 12s with a 3000 Watt Amp. What do I need in terms of wire gauge and alternator size? I've been told that I need a bigger alternator. Would it be necessary if I go two capacitors?
  17. 2

    Speaker wiring question

    Hey guys new to the forum. I just had a question and hopefully can advise me to success. I just got a little sound system for my explorer and wanted to put it in myself as something to keep me busy on my off day. I want to install my subs and amp without removing my head unit by using a line out...
  18. 08EddieCA

    Split DVD Audio Output to the Rear Speakers W Sync - 2008 stock Eddie B

    Hello, I have a challenge with my OEM DVD Entertainment System. My kids love to play their DVD's while on road trips. The Sync version in my Eddie B seems to have an option to turn on the head phones and split the audio output between the front and rear seating. What I'm trying to figure out...
  19. B

    Subwoofer setup suggestions

    I've got a 1997 ford explorer and I want to setup a subwoofer and amp, 10" or 12" unless I comeacross a good deal for a 15 on craigslist. I need help picking out the sub and amp and I also need some instruction on the installation. Also if anyone has ideas as to how I could setup the sub and box...
  20. A

    Upgrading head unit in my explorer

    so I have a 99 explorer limited with the 5.0 and I am upgrading the head unit but trying to figure out if I have the Mach or something else. It has the stereo with the rds and cd and cassette plus a 6 disc cd changer with the factory sub woofer. It's a 4 door also. So idk if it's the Mach or...
  21. T

    Audio setup question

    I'm new to the group, and was wondering if I could get some input on a question So, I've been reading a lot of the posts on here and I can't come to a definite answer. So I guess I'll ask for my particular situation. I have an 05 Explorer 4.0 V6 with 130 amp stock alt and stock Duralast Gold 65...
  22. A

    2005 Explorer Radio Installation

    Hello! I have a beautiful 05 Ford and I broke the CD reader, so I figured I'd update the whole stereo. I bought a SDC24USA 200 WATTS (50x4) stereo, that was listed under universal fit, but I can't install it because the wires don't all work. Are there wire adapters I'm going to need to get...
  23. T

    Boston Acoustics

    My neighbour has 2 Boston acoustics 12" subs and a Boston Acoustics amplifier. He says he paid $1500 for the set and comes with a prefab box. He is offering it to me for $150.00 Do you think this is a good price for this setup?
  24. E

    Intermittent Speakers

    Hey, guys, been a while since I've been on here, but in the past month or so, my 1996 Explorer Sport has developed some odd issues with the speakers. While going on rough roads/terrain, I've noticed that the front driver's side and rear passenger side speaker have intermittently become softer...
  25. D

    List of How To's - Audio Forum

    General Guides: How to: Change Speakers; Most Models; Lots of Pictures How to: Wire Factory Subwoofer to an Aftermarket Radio How to: Remove a Stuck Cassette Tape From Radio (Pictures and Video) How to: 2011+ (5th Generation) Audio Upgrades How to: Replace Defective Audiophile CD Changer...