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auto lights

  1. J

    2004 Auto lights not working

    Recently, the auto light feature isn't working on my Sport Trac. Manual lights works and running lights etc come on with auto feature. I tried a new switch and that didn't correct it. is there a relay that needs replaced? thanks!
  2. B

    02 Eddie Bauer Auto Headlight Stays on

    When I have the Auto Headlight on, the headlights stay on all the time. The go off when I turn off the key. Yesterday, the bright lights were on, and my battery was dead - had to get a jump. The bright would not go off even when I turned the headlight switch to the Off position. The...
  3. J

    I hate the DRL in my 07 ford explorer XLT

    DRL Daytime Running Lights, i cant find a way to turn them off Can anybody help me plz. Ehen i move the shifter from parking, the stupid headlights comes on.