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auto to manual

  1. J

    1999 Explorer Sport 4.0 SOHC Auto to Manual swap

    To follow up with my recent spam of posts I've been considering this swap since I got my X. I would like to hear from others about what they did and the parts used and the budget and time frame and any complications they came across. I know I need a transmission pedal assembly master and slave...
  2. J

    Wrong Wiring Harness for Transfer Case

    Ok, So if you read any of my threads over the summer you know I've got some serious issues on my hands with my little time consuming truck. Here's the deal, I have a 1998 Ranger 4x4 that I bought as a project. When I got it, the engine had a blown head, so we put a 4.0L out of a 1995 explorer...
  3. 94fourdoor

    a4ld to Manual M50D Swap How-to

    Click here to go to the new thread with pictures! This is the old thread and since photobucket changed their policy, the pictures were dead links. I moved all the pictures and info to a new thread so it can help people for years to come. This is my rough draft of my first how to thread. I...
  4. 2

    Trans Conversion A4LD to M50D-Help!

    I want to convert my auto to a manual in my 91' Explorer 4x4. Can anyone out there give me the laundry list of mods that I will need to make to make this work? I understand the two trannies swap perfectly on the crossmemeber and transfer case fittings. What mods are necessary for the...