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  1. F

    Sport Trac 4.0 Shift Cable Bushing

    Wanted to post this because I found little information dealing with the 2nd gen Sport Trac’s shifter cable heat shield. The good news is that it’s designed to snap off and snap back on. The bad news is that the clip in BushingFix’s cable repair kit lacks the notches needed to attach the heat...
  2. R

    Auto Headlight Issue

    Hi, we have a 2002 Explorer XLT with auto headlamps. When the headlamp switch is turned to park or headlamp, all works as it should. When turned to off the obvious happens. The problem lies in when we turn to auto, the headlamps come on as expected but the park/running lights as well as the the...
  3. G

    Engine swap for '94

    I've got a 4.0 SOHC engine out of a 2001 Explorer Sport XLT (2wd, 4 door, auto), and I'm about to attempt to put it into my '94 Explorer Sport (2wd, 2 door, manual). Will it even work? If so, what pointers would anyone have to offer? Thanks in advance.
  4. 0


    Hello guyz and galz I need help please!!!!! :-) I own an australian ford explorer limited 2000 sohc 4.0 v6 and I need help locating my engine number please :,(
  5. E

    Auto>Manual Swap. OSS 24-hole>VSS 12-hole. Speed Limit Issue

    I have performed a swap from a 5R55W Auto Transmission (Stock 2006 Ford Explorer Auto) to a M05D-R1HD Manual (From Ford Ranger). The new manual transmission has a VSS in the tail housing has 12-holes. The stock OSS from my auto had 24-holes. I've adjusted the "number of holes in OSS" in my SCT...
  6. A

    Transfercase problems - won't stay in Auto/Hi 4x4

    Hi all ! I'm new to posting in the forum but have read quite a few helpful hints over the past years. My wife took the Explorer (97, XLT, 4.0) a few weeks ago on a trip by herself and while driving suddenly the car felt like it lost its transmission. she called me saying the trans just blew and...
  7. S

    97 ranger transmission swap

    Hey Guys! I'm hoping someone here may be able to answer my questions. First about my truck I have a 97 ranger 4.0L 4x4 automatic extended cab. I've been having some problems with the transmission. I've read the 5r55e valve body rebuild diary and I ordered a new valve body from central...
  8. A

    1999 Explorer 4WD Auto issues

    I have recently experienced some issues With the Auto-mode on my Explorer. I live in Norway and the roads are some times really slippery and full of ice. When my rear Wheels start to sleep i hear some bad noices in the front, and I notice that the front Wheels does not engage as they should...
  9. K

    Auto Air Conditioning

    Does anyone know how to disable the "auto" air conditioning? It gets really annoying when you turn on your AC and it starts up on full blast regardless of the last setting you had it on before you turned it off. Thanks in advance.
  10. E

    Rebuilding ohv 4.0l

    Recently bought a 92 Eddie Bauer and a 94 Limited. Both automatics with elec-4x4s. Pulled the engine of the Eddie and tore it down to rebuild and put into my 92 XLT. My friends and I have been deburring and porting the heads and block. Also honed the cylinders and are currently working on...
  11. Lesterclan

    Swapping a manual engine into an automatic rig. Change electrical harness?

    Had a 1996 4.0 4x4 with manual trans / elect. t-case. It rolled :roll: and I got a 1996 4.0 with auto trans / elect. t-case. The new one has a blown engine. So I want to put the engine out of my rolled manual into the new auto rig. I had found a thread about going from auto to manual that the OP...
  12. J

    99 Explorer Auto Shift lever problems

    Last Friday on the way home from work I noticed my shift lever was extremely hard to use but I didn't have any issues other than that. Yesterday I go to leave for work and now it wont start. I knew it wasn't a battery issue but I left in my wifes car as I suspected the shift lever to be the...
  13. F

    auto down window module(passenger side)

    Hey everyone i have been searching for hours now, and i cant find anything that shows how to wire a stock ford auto down window module to the passenger side of a first gen explorer... I picked one up today from the salvage yard and i really want to make it work... does anyone have a wiring...
  14. R

    5.0 tranny problems

    Basically i was wondering what transmissions are easily interchangeable with in Fords vehichle line up,I have a 1999 5.0 2wd AUTO,so,would the 4.0 tranny work with the 5.0 or would the f150 have the same drive train and possibly and could i use a mustang tranny,I am looking on craigslist trying...
  15. T

    Autolamps Don't Work

    When I switch to auto setting, all that lights up is my headlights. No directionals, and no taillights. What could be my problem?
  16. willindsay

    Auto Up Window?

    Ok so I found this article... It's to make the window on the driver side of a Ranger go up automatically. I picked up a few of the modules mentioned and gave it a shot today and failed miserably. I tried...
  17. N

    Changing a 4x2 AT to a 4x4 AT can it be done?

    I curently have a 2door 4x2 with a M/T. the thing is very tired and the tranny is about to blow. it binds in reverse, grinds going in 3rd, and i drained about 1/2 a cup of metal out of the oil. not to mention rats have moved into my blower fan and cant use the defroster. The shop I usually go to...
  18. G

    weird auto transmission problem

    I have a '97 Explorer (70.000 miles) that untill now never suffered any problems. During a long trip after about 300 miles in cruise control on the highway, going downhill when the car was breaking on the engine, suddenly the auto transmission made a terrible noise as if it was running without...
  19. flexing