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  1. S

    5R55E slipping out of first gear when warm

    I have a 5R55E transmission that has been slipping out of first gear, almost into neutral it seems, and I have to remove my foot from the gas, and let it clunk back into gear, then it's fine. It only will do this when the transmission fluid is warm, only once, then drive with no symptoms. Or if...
  2. F

    Sounds and feels like rumble strips

    I am experiencing an pulsing shutter issue which feels like running through the Rumble Strips you might associated with the approach to traffic signal. This shutter occurs at city street speeds usually in the 1500 to 1800 RPM with just the slightest acceleration to maintain say, 35mph. There is...
  3. A

    2002 into 2005 transmission swap

    I have a 2005 ford explorer xlt 4.0 v6 4x4 automatic with a 5r55s transmission that is blown. I have found a possible donor, a 2002 ford explorer 4.0 v6 4x4 automatic with a 5r55s transmission as well. I am assuming it can be swapped but I am not 100% sure. I have heard that there is a...
  4. 0


    Hello guyz and galz I need help please!!!!! :-) I own an australian ford explorer limited 2000 sohc 4.0 v6 and I need help locating my engine number please :,(
  5. J

    1999 Explorer Sport 4.0 SOHC Auto to Manual swap

    To follow up with my recent spam of posts I've been considering this swap since I got my X. I would like to hear from others about what they did and the parts used and the budget and time frame and any complications they came across. I know I need a transmission pedal assembly master and slave...
  6. D

    '98 Explorer with the "4 Wheel High" and the "4 Wheel Low" lights flashing in sync

    98 Explorer, Automatic, 4.0 L SOHC. Tranny started acting up a few days ago, when I'd put it in gear it would act like it was being shifted into 4-wheel mode. Problem would clear itself when I'd put it back in park, pause, then back into gear. I wanted to test it so i put it into 4-wheel mode...
  7. J

    Manual Trans Swap

    Hello, I had gotten a few requests from other threads I posted to write up a thread on my swap. I didnt intend to do a detailed swap so I do not have many pictures but I hope this helps someone! I bought an 02 explorer sport, from what i have read and what I have seen the sport is the same as a...
  8. H

    Converting to auto headlights

    I have a 2007 Sport Trac and I want to convert to auto headlights. I replaced the headlight switch but still no auto headlights, but they do come on after I turn the windshield wipers on. Has anyone done this conversion or have any input? I do have a sun load sensor on the dash that blinks a red...
  9. J

    99 Explorer Sport Automatic to Manual

    Howdy folks I was wondering what transmission I could get to do the swap and what cuts or parts of my interior I would need to remove any links are appreciated to other threads or anything my only peve is that I don't want a 5 speed I need a 6 speed sorry I just prefer 6 speeds thanks again
  10. NickyB

    [Solved] 2016 Explorer Remote Start Problem

    Hi Everyone, I was not able to find a thread that seemed to align specifically with my issue. I have a 2016 Ford Explorer Sport 401A Package. This means it has the wireless key FOB with the factory installed remote starter and perimeter alarm. I recently used ForScan to remove the double honk...
  11. S

    1999 Explorer. O/D off light blinking. Interesting question

    Hello, my name is Shaun and I own a 99 Explorer with 161K miles. I have noticed lately that during longer drives, my O/D light will begin flashing. I have done some research and heard people have a variety of problems when this happens, mainly transmission. My question is unique, when this...
  12. M

    Rebuilt transmission slipping

    2002 Explorer. Just finished putting rebuilt trans. in (purchased from auto store) test drove, gears slipping a little. Added more trans. fluid test drove again and gears are slipping worse and now engine light on and O/D flashing. Not sure if fluid is still low or if overfilled. Any suggestions.
  13. C

    95 Explorer Trans Slip/ Stick Probs - Need Advise!

    I am new to this thread, but it seems like the perfect place to ask for advice. I have a 95 Ford Explorer XLT V6 AT with 220k miles. Bought it last week and all appeared ok for a high miles truck. All was well during test drive so I bought it and started to drive it home which was about an hour...
  14. A

    From Ecuador

    Hi guys, i'm from Riobamba Ecuador, my explorer and I we travel across of the country, i'm photographer and my Suv is my principal tool, but now he have some troubles, i hope that you can help interest also about some modification.
  15. N

    For Sale 97 Eddie Bauer 2wd 4.0 SOHC parting out

    1997 Eddie Bauer 2WD 4.0 SOHC wrecked in the front, the steering column has been pushed out of aligment so its not really practical to drive anymore. Still cranks and runs though, ac still blows super cold. Engine has about 147k miles, automatic transmission was rebuilt and has new torque...
  16. R

    tranny mount

    hey guys, my 1999 sport has the 5speed manual and the tranny mount looks shot and feels loose. i wana just replace it - but all i can find is the mounts for the automatic. so my question is: will the tranny mount from an automatic from the same model year work for the manual transmission as...
  17. A

    Gear shift is stuck in park when cold.

    I have a 1998 Explorer. When the engie is cold I cannot move the automatic gear stick our of Park. The brake lights are OK: anyhting else to check? Help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  18. N

    Changing a 4x2 AT to a 4x4 AT can it be done?

    I curently have a 2door 4x2 with a M/T. the thing is very tired and the tranny is about to blow. it binds in reverse, grinds going in 3rd, and i drained about 1/2 a cup of metal out of the oil. not to mention rats have moved into my blower fan and cant use the defroster. The shop I usually go to...
  19. Automatic tensioner rear.

    Automatic tensioner rear.

  20. Automatic tensioner front.

    Automatic tensioner front.

  21. 3.0L automatic belt tensioner.

    3.0L automatic belt tensioner.

  22. O

    Info on V-6 to V-8 swap

    I have a 1991 Explorer 2-door with the 4.0 V-6. Just bought an excellent running motor out of a 1998 Lincoln. It's a 5.0 HO V-8 complete. What would be involved , parts etc., or suggested threads to do this type of swap. Thanks.
  23. red.EDDIE.4x4

    automatic aftermarket trans shifter?

    hi all, ive been checkin out my friends dodge truck and noticed he has an automatic hurst shifter on the floor console. it looks pretty sweet. obviously its not stock, and ive been curious if there was an automatic hurst style shifter for a first gen X. been lookin around but not sure if anyone...
  24. seth247

    Manumatic 4r70w?

    so when I swap in my v8 I'm gonna go with a 4r70w to put the power to the pavement. I want to turn it into a selectable manual-automatic. I like the paddle shifter kits I've been looking at online but I want to hear about your experiences with them and suggestions. What I'm really looking...