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  1. A

    1999 Explorer Axle Shaft Replacement

    So this is basically a part two to my wanting to replace rear end post of my truck. The main issue is my rear pass wheel now wobbles after I spun out due to a blowout and hitting a curb. A lot of people said to inspect the axle shaft itself as opposed to replacing rear end. The issue is the diff...
  2. A

    Rear End Replacement 1999 Explorer

    Alright so awhile ago my tire popped and I completely lost control of the truck. It spun into a curb and I went from 30 to 0. Took awhile to replace what was broken on this rust bucket especially since I’m learning about cars as something breaks. My issue is now my passenger rear wheel wobbles...
  3. W

    Rear Axle Seal question?

    Would a Rear leaking Axle Seal cause the truck to have traction issues when going up my gravel driveway? I haven't check the diff fluid color or level yet.
  4. 2

    National Differential Axle

    I’m looking to buy a remanufactured 4.10 rear axle and came across a company called National Differential. They seem to have good reviews based on google. They’re asking $1500 for a reman 4.10 LSD + $250 shipping. But at that price I think it’d be better to buy from a more established company...
  5. Flashflood

    How to check rear axle

    My rear axle on my 91 sport looks rather clean for maybe being a almost 30 axle even compared to a 99 back axle I'm wondering how to check the back axle code without doing the turning of it cause I've tried to do that and my back axle wouldn't turn
  6. Rhaegal94

    94 Explorer Leaf Springs and U-Bolt Plate

    I'm replacing rear suspension parts on my on 94 Explorer. The leaf springs at the top of the list on Auto and Truck Springs (here) indicate that they are for 1st gen Explorers but also indicate that they are for over the axle. However, my springs sit under the axle. The arch measurement on these...
  7. C

    Rear differential noises

    Hello, I have a 97 ford explorer sport with a 8.8 LS with 410 gears. I was told there was an issue with the rear diff when I bought it. I have taken look at the ring, pinion and spyder gears but everything looks fine. The noise is a loud whining when ever power is to the drive train. When I...
  8. 3

    2000 4x4 passenger CV axle won't go all the way into diff

    Hey guys need some help really quick! Currently laying under my explorer as I'm trying to fit my new passenger CV axle all the way onto the spline that goes into the diff but it won't seem to go all the way in. Noticed the driver side doesn't go all the way in either and there's a small gap at...
  9. D

    Why can't I find a new pair of CV Axles?

    Been searching for a week now. Ebay, AutoZone, Advanced Auto Parts, O'Reilly's, Amazon, RockAuto,and just google in general. WHY is it so hard to find replacement CV axles? I'm looking for front ones specifically. Someone please correct me if I'm not on the right track. This started because of...
  10. P

    Front axle play - CV joint or Diff bearing ?

    hi there, first post from me, Sympthoms are driving around 1500 rpm - 20 to 40 km/h I get some winning noise/vibration back through steering, engaging 4x4 high definitely makes it worse, turning doesn't seem to affect it really I can can get it while on a straight line, still there when 4x4...
  11. F

    Change front diff tube?

    Hey guys - I'd much appreciate some help on an odd situation. I'm in the middle of a project to replace my 96's axle gears with some 4.10 axles. I've already replaced the rear, and was going to use a front differential I bought from a '98 (difference being that in '98, they didn't have the...
  12. C

    Please Help, 2014 Limited Suspension Issue

    I slid on snow and hit a curb going roughly 8 mph and snappedmy lower control arm in 2 pieces and pulled the axle out of the insert. The auto body shop got my insurance to replace all the suspension parts on the front drivers side wheel. However after multiple test drives there is a...
  13. D

    Front axle realignment

    My front tire on the drivers side is uneven with the rest of the tires. it tilts in a bit more and causes a slight drift to the right and after looking closer the axle is very rusted. Am I able to clean off the rust and realign the axle? And if so what tools will I need besides lifts and...
  14. J

    2005 Ford explorer rear axle HELP!

    Replaced my rear passenger side hub assembly. Threads on the axle are warn. I want to use a tap and die set to recut the threads on the axle. Can't find it anywhere online. Guy at napa told me I needed a 20mm x1.5 die. I got it and it was to small. Anyone know what size I need to recut these...
  15. J

    Thoughts on a rear end noise?

    Hello again its been a while (good thing I suppose) but you guys were helpful before so I have another question for you. I recently did a tire rotation to see if my front end wobble/steering wheel shake at 65+ mph was due to worn tires (did ball joints a few years ago and never got an aliment...
  16. 9

    Looking For Solid Axle

    :us:I'm New To The Forum, I've Used This Site For Certain Questions And What Not, But I'm Wondering What Would Be Best Or Rather Where I Could Find A Solid Front Axle For My Explorer, Its 4WD And Also A Good Site For Suspension Lifts. I Work With Someone Who Knows Alot Of My Questions But I...
  17. 2

    3.55 to 3.73?

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking about switching the 3.55 gears in my 4.0 to the 3.73 LS. I've always lost traction when accelerating in the rain, even if I'm light on the gas. I've been through different tires and I still have this problem. I understand that the limited slip will give me better...
  18. I

    2002 rear end issue

    I find myself dealing with an axle that is out of true at the flange. Due to this I began the effort of getting a new axle or whole rear end depending on what the yards have at what price. So like most I start with the door sticker to identify what axle I need. The door is tagged D4 (3.73...
  19. E

    91 4wd open 8.8: rear axle locked?

    I have a new-to-me 91 Ranger 4wd, 120k miles, very nice condition. I've just recently noticed a few occasions where when turning slowly, forward and backward, the rear wheel (maybe just on the right side?) is skidding as though it were in 4wd, but it shouldn't be. The panel lights indicate...
  20. V

    2000 Explorer North Face rear hub!!!!

    Hi there, Almost lost a tyre on the A12 (tyre was changed by OH for MOT, don't go there). We thought I just needed a new rear hub assembly as have 11 spare tyres (inherited the car after my brother died) but can't seem to find one anywhere thought we had one from a breakers but now they say...
  21. N

    Help needed

    Ive got a 99 explorer XLS and i'm pretty sure I bent my axle and ####ed up my ball joints and bearings. Anyone out there that can help a dude out and direct me to some directions with photos and or videos on how to fix these it would be much appreciated.
  22. T

    2006 axle question

    My 2006 Ford Explorer has had lights on since the end of July. I brought it in to be fixed but was told it was a faulty sensor. The computer would not turn the lights off. 3 weeks ago it was brought to the dealer and was told it was the wheel baring. Lights still on! It was brought back...
  23. A

    93. explorer 4wd issue

    I can't seem to find any help on my problem. Today I decided to test the 4wd drive out cause , winter is around the corner. While sitting still I push the 4hi and all the lights illuminated and herd clicking noise. As well as a clunking noise in the front end not sure where it was coming from...
  24. P

    complete rear end

    While tooling down the road tryin to loosen my load, there werent many women on my mind ( just work) when all hell broke loose, the worlds loudest explosion and then a perpetual noise like a bag of marbles being murdered came from under her. I knew, @ 247k on the 01 explorer sport,. her days...
  25. M

    Bearing/Different Issue - Bearing Noise at 30-50mph...

    I'm having issues with my 2002 Explorer 4WD 4.0L -- it started with a slight "humming" noise from the front end...can start to hear it at about 20 mph and gets really loud at 30-40 mph -- then seems to go away after about 50 mph. Here's what I have checked/replaced: 1. First, really thought...
  26. 2

    Open diff to LSD?

    Hey everyone, I'm wondering if I can install a limited slip diff in my 2000 XLT from a donor truck of the same year. It has an open differential at the moment, axle code 45. My friend's 04 Sport Trac has a D2 and that thing will power through almost anything in 2WD. I'm just wondering how...
  27. I

    2002 Sport 2door Diff, Open or LSD?

    I have a 2002 Explorer Sport 2 door and I am trying to figure out if it has an open differential or a limited slip diff. The door tag is kind of faded so I couldnt see all the codes on it but I did look at the rear diff and the tag on it says this. 5614E 3 73 88 2D05 If anyone can tell...
  28. G

    AWD front cv axle shaft replacement

    I've searched stock and modified and the best tips or write up I can find was this. Has anyone completed this repair? I'm looking to tackle this project soon. I saw many rear cv threads but not many informative...
  29. B

    1998 AWD explorer bad front bearings or axle?

    1998 AWD explorer bad front bearings or axle? 1998 ford explorer AWD 5.0 L: When maintaining speed i hear a roar from L/F tire. If i let off gas, noise goes away and if i speed up it quiets down. If im at highway speeds if i let off the gas pedal completely, i feel a...
  30. C

    Back Axle hop and hard shift

    So heres the deal, I have a 94 explorer xlt this thing is my baby and lately its been having alot of problems. The transmission started to have a hard time shifting from first to second so i changed the fluid, the filter, and i tightened all the bands and i still have to let off the gas to shift...
  31. B

    rear repair bearing install ?

    I am replacing my rear wheel bearings with "repair bearings". The instructions say to install with the seal on the outside but it seems there is a seal on both sides of the bearing. Due to the built in o-ring that runs along the diameter, it seems the protruding seal faces inward...
  32. R

    HELP!!!! loud whine under load

    so yesterday i finally put a new rear end in the sport- no more open 3.23 gears. put in a D4 from a junkyard so now she has limited slip and 3.79! HUGE improvement. problem is at about third gear and above (manual tranny) it makes a whining noise?? the noise stops instantly when i put it in...
  33. E

    help please

  34. R

    rear axle swap

    :)hey guys - i have a 99 explorer sport 2wd and the rear axle is (from what ive read on here) a ford 8.8 and looking at my door code i have 3.29 open dif. i wheel the truck a bit and while i dont have the money for a 4wdswap until after school, i was thinking for $150 i could get the rear axle...
  35. A

    Front left side lower than right

    I just bought a 97 ford explorer sport. Its a four door 4x4. Everything is great but the owner told me he got into a bad wreak involving the front right of the car. Well he took it to a place to get the frame fixed and then got a new axle. My problem is that when looking at the front left of the...
  36. C

    2000 Explorer. 4x4 went out. How can I find the problem?

    Hey all i have a 2000 4x4 explorer xlt awith the options auto 4x4 4high or 4low we just got a snow storm last night and go figure 4x4 quit on me. Before in auto as soon as a tire would spin 4x4 would kick in and now in all 3 positions no 4x4.. It could be the axle or transfer case or idk this my...
  37. I

    Differential Identification?

    Hello, My name is Ilyushin Yakovlev, I'm 17 years old and I live in Valparaiso, Indiana. This is my first post on the explorer forum (or any online forum for that matter), so please forgive me if I've missed this information elsewhere in a previous post. First let me say that I am...
  38. M

    Which grade of oil do I use in a rear axle differential?

    I have an open differential (non-LSD)- owners manual call for 80w90 but i notice in many explorer threads that 75w140 is being used even in the open differentials. Is this advisable? By the way, I'm changing the oil to try to eliminate rear end noise. Thanks
  39. F

    Front axle gear housing gasket?

    I have a 93x eb and i just fixed my 4x4 switch motor went 4wheeling, with stock tires and got hung up on the front pumpkin (figures i need a body lift and 33's), i knew i was grinding on the housing. After that i went down there to check for any leaks and it was leaking gear oil out of the front...
  40. T

    need some help. Picking up 79 bronco axle

    I am needing some help. I am picking up a 79 bronco front axle. I have a friend who will help me shorten the width to the same as the rear. My question is this. will my hubs from my current front axles swap to the bronco axle? I want to keep the same lug pattern up front as the rear since i...