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  1. M

    Fuel related issue

    99 Eddie Bauer with 4.0 SOHC - 220xxx miles. For about a week now, it acts like its not getting fuel. It will start & run in the morning, but as soon as it gets hot, it dies. And won't start up again until it cools off. It also likes to die at idle, and sputter and backfire. When it does run, it...
  2. 2

    4.0 sohc fuel injector questions / help for those with brakes locking

    Hi, all. New member here with a few questions for the pros, but I wanted to offer my experience on an ABS issue for those who may be having a similar problem. I recently purchased a 2006 Explorer EB 4.0 with 125K miles in need of some repairs for my soon-to-be 16 year old. The car appears to...
  3. N

    Running Like Garbage

    Alright so all of the sudden my 00 Explorer (4.0 SOHC) has been running like garbage. It started when one of my cats got plugged (it sure shined a nice cherry red). Since then, I have replaced plugs, plug wires, and coil. They didn't help so I replaced the Crank position sensor now too. The...
  4. M

    Turns over, won't run

    We recently got a 1994 Ford Explorer that didn't run for a year and the owner wasn't sure what was wrong. So far, we have determined it may be an electrical issue, so we replaced spark plugs, spark plug wires, and the coil pack. After this replacement, more cylinders fired but t still would not...
  5. T

    2003 Explorer Sport started hard, popped, died, restarted runs rough and terrible.

    Yesterday afternoon I went to start my 2003 Ford Explorer Sport (4.0 SOHC, Automatic, 2WD, 160,000 miles) and it popped; smoke came from under the hood. I assumed it was electrical; however, there are no noticeable charred wires or melted components. Upon opening the hood, there was some...
  6. R

    P0174 Help!! 02 sport trac

    Hello, I just recently bought a 02 sport trac.. It is showing p0174 lean on bank 2.. Theses are the things I have done : 1. Fixed/replaced the common corner elbow hose along with PCV valve.. 2. Replaced intake manifold gaskets 3. Cleaned MAF sensor 4. Cleaned throttle body 5. Checked for...
  7. D

    "POW" then won't start.....1999 sohc

    Hey everyone, 1999 explorer sport sohc won't start. 145,000 miles. It has been bucking/hesitating some ,the last two weeks. Yesterday went to start it and there was a backfire "POW"and gas smell. Will not fire at all. Any ideas or had same issue? Thanks
  8. M

    Possible Vacuum Leak?

    Hi, My name is Matteo. I own a 98 Ford Explorer 5.0. Recently my truck has been running a bit rough and backfiring under a load. It runs smoothly when idling - doesn't stall or choke out. The problem seems to be worse when the engine is cold, but doesn't ever completely go away. I took...
  9. Y

    1997 explorer sport doesnt run right

    i have a 1996 ohv 4.0l straight drive explorer,with 255k miles on it , let me just state when it wants to run it runs like a brand new one. my check engine light is on the code say right bank 2 lean and large air leak, i have replaced all 3 o2 sensors along with wires and plugs, i done the carb...
  10. H

    2000 explorer intermittant misfires cyl 4,5,6

    I have a 2000 ford explorer xlt that is throwing codes p304,5,6 meaning a misfire happened in bank 2 only. plugs and wires look good. there was a wire showing metal, so i fixed that and it still misfires. i also replaced the fuel filter. i dont think it is a fuel delivery problem. sometimes the...
  11. N

    back fire and hole in muffler,

    my truck idles fine in park but backfires when i shift into drive, theres a large hole in the muffler, if i replace the muffler will the backfire stop? does a large hole in the muffler create a popping or backfire sound?
  12. N

    engine compression test for backfire

    my 1991 explorer has been backfiring, so on the advice and the good people on here i did a compession test, the results are as follows c1=130 c2=130 c3=145 c4=150 c5=140 c6=140 20psi difference between high and low and i didnt see the needle lose pressure so i dont think i have a leak, is...
  13. N

    large split in the muffler and backfiring.

    so i finally got my truck up and running, but on the test drive there was a loud back fire, driving back home it kept back firing, several times idling at lights and about 5-8 back fires upon accel before i reach 25 mph. i also noticed a huge power loss. checked under the car and theres a large...
  14. E

    4.0L SOHC Knocks and backfires after timing chain job.

    Well this is my first thread post on this site and not sure how well this is going to turn out so im going to give it my best shot. I though I also add that this is my first car and that im 17, and im more of a geek than a motor head if you know what i'm saying. Anyway I just had a "tune up" on...
  15. B

    Timing chain tensioner problem?

    I have a 2002 4.0L Explorer. It recently had a broken timing chain tensioner on the rear timing chain. Being out of work, and broke and all, and this being my only transpo, my friends and I pulled the engine and replaced the timing chain & gears on the back. We used the timing chain...
  16. B

    03 xlt 4.0 will turn over but will not crank

    I have an 03 xlt 4.0 that just died going down the road. Now it will turn over but wont crank and it will constantly backfire out the intake. Have been told everything from the timing chain to the mass airflow sensor. The haynes book says it could be either and I have mechanics that say it...
  17. CamDJClimited

    Engine Misfire/Spark Plug Problem

    So I have an engine misfire/backfire problem. I've been dealing with the code P0305 for about 2 weeks now. Last week I got the spark plugs and wires changed, and this week I did both coil packs. Now get this. Obviously I know its Cylinder #5 with the issue. I ran the car and drove it...
  18. F

    4.0 continuous backfire and runs rich

    I have a 94 exploduh 4.0 and it runs very rich I cant figure out what it is. there is no check engine light. I lost the gasket between the egr and the intake. thats the only thing i can think of. could that be causing it? and when i drive it it pops continuously it sounds like its coming from...
  19. E

    Need Help With Motor on 1997 Ford Explorer AWD!

    Hey, guys i was wanting to know what could be wrong with my 1997 Ford Explorer's 5.0 motor has AWD, also has flowmaster exhaust system its older. The problem is when you start it up it idles fine, but if you put it in drive or reverse and start moving past 2000 rpms it starts misfire/backfiring...
  20. A

    95 EB still not right

    Had my old problems... I pulled apart and cleaned the MAF and cleared the codes. Didn't run great but ran better for a while... finally popped a new code and it read as 0171. Thinking of taking it in to Ford for a correct diagnosis but figure I'd give this forum another shot. When I...