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    99 Ex AWD - Drives for 30 seconds then stops moving!

    Heya everyone! I wanted to ask other members of their opinion of my problem. My rig is a 1999 Explorer AWD 5.0L. I believe that the pump has failed or maybe the torque converter went bad. I spent a couple hours digging around the forums and on google but have not found the exact same...
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    torque converter rebuild?

    hey everyone! Im about to put another a4ld in my ex, and im 90 percent sure my converter is bad. does anyone know of a place i can send mine away to be rebuilt? or can i find someone locally? I would rather not spen the 160 bucks for a new one. Thanks in advance Justin
  3. new/old torsion bar adjuster

    new/old torsion bar adjuster

    New torsion bar adjuster next to used adjster