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ball joint

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    Ball Joint Issues

    So i just had all the ball joints and upper control arms replaced but I’m still hearing excessive creaking and clunking coming from my left wheel well. Also, in some situations when turning left the left tire seems like it’s skipping on the pavement. Had them installed at a local shop but I’m a...
  2. M

    front end rebuild: mechaninc or DIY?

    I took my car to the dealership to get the transmission filter and fluid replaced. the service adviser said that I needed to get my left and right lower control arms and 2 ball joints replaced. about 320 dollars worth in parts from Napa Auto Parts. I went to got see my mechanic, Frank. He...
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    Automatic lift gate & front suspension squeak!

    So first of thank you all for the help I’ve received on reviewing past threads about varies problems. A little back story. 3 weeks ago I purchased a beauty of a 2011 Ford Explorer limited with all assesory packages added for a great deal. Drove it off the lot no issues. And then a few days later...
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    What's the best sequence for tear apart & rebuild?

    2000 Explorer 4-Door 2WD 4.0L SOHC I want to replace both my front upper and front lower ball joints. Given it can sometimes be difficult to disconnect the ball joints from the knuckle, and the fact that the knuckle is heavy, what's the best sequence for tearing everything apart... what should...
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    Best approach to replacing front suspension parts

    looking to service original shocks, lower ball joints, upper control arms (since it seems to do so rather than replacing upper ball joints). I just replaced the stabilizer links as a bushing was destroyed. Tie rods seem ok. This is a rear wheel drive. So in doing all 3, what is better to do...
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    How much torque on this nut? Use threadlock?

    2000 Explorer XLT - 2WD - 4.0L SOHC The right upper control arm is a 2-piece unit. One piece is bolted to the frame; it's the larger of the two pieces. The other piece is bolted to the first piece; it's the smaller of the two pieces; it holds the ball joint. There are 2 bolts that hold the...
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    Regarding the castle nut that's used to hold the knuckle to the lower ball joint, how tight should I tighten the castle nut? Thanks.
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    2000 Explorer; 4.0 SOHC; 2WD; Lower Ball Joint I've read several posts/comments in which people say they install a lower ball joint by beating it into the a-arm with a large hammer. They beat it in, instead of using the ball joint press tool, because the tool doesn't have enough space/gap to...
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    Clunking coming from passenger front

    I recently changed out almost the whole front end; ball joint she on both sides, wheel bearings on both sides, and a tie rod end. The ball joints were bad so I decided to change it all out since it would be torn down that far anyway. But after getting an alignment and tires balanced, there is...
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    1998 ford explorer ltd ball joint replace

    I'm brand new to this site but I have used it several times to reference repairs on my 1998 Explorer LTD and it has been a fantastic resource. I am replacing the ball joints on my 98 Explorer LTD and was wondering if there is any helpful tips anyone has or can point me in the right...
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    Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly - Explorer 1995-2003, Ranger 1998-2011 - Upper

    Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly - Explorer 1995-2003, Ranger 1998-2011- Front Right Upper - Moog RK80068 Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly - Explorer 1995-2003, Ranger 1998-2011- Front Left Upper - Moog RK8708 :us:
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    Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly - Explorer 1995-2003, Ranger 1998-2011 - Lower

    Additions: Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly - Explorer 1995-2003, Ranger 1998-2011- Front Left Lower - Moog RK620319 Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly - Explorer 1995-2003, Ranger 1998-2011- Front Right Lower - Moog RK620320 :us:
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    Yet another problem; front end suspension, shocks, or ball joints

    So... very dangerous situation happened today on my way to work. I hit a pretty decent bump... really not THAT big; but big enough to feel it and maybe give the females a little boob jiggle.. (haha..) Well.. The bump made the front right end of my car emit a loud pop sound. I...
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    Suspension/Steering Issue

    We recently replaced the front upper control arms on our 2003 ford explorer awd. I got MOOG parts with greasable ball joints attached. I looked at this today (about a week later) and there is grease leaking everywhere. It looks like the rubber boot detached from the top part of the joint...
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    Ball Joint - Explorer 1995-2005, Ranger 1998-2001 - Lower - Moog K8695T

    Ball Joint - Explorer 1995-2005, Ranger 1998-2001 - Lower - Moog K8695T
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    Really concerned. Help!!

    Hello, I recently got my upper ball joints replaced and after i turned a corner a very loud pop noise came from the front of my car. Now my wheel is a bit wobbly (Wasn't wobbly when the pop happened. Started the next day). I have a 2002 ford explorer. I recently got all new brakes, rotors and my...
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    Ever wonder what the inside of our ball joints look like?

    Ever wonder what the inside of the ball joints in our trucks look like? Well here is a cutaway video I did after replacing the ball joints. This is the lower ball joint from the factory! Neat stuff right?!?!
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    Vibrations and front end chatter

    I have a 97 explorer AWD with the 5.0. It shakes when I'm driving at any speed when I make turns and am in reverse it clicks as if I were making a sharp turn in 4wd low I checked the hub by jacking it up and seeing if the tire would shake I also checked the tie rods and ball joints does anyone...
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    Help needed

    Ive got a 99 explorer XLS and i'm pretty sure I bent my axle and ####ed up my ball joints and bearings. Anyone out there that can help a dude out and direct me to some directions with photos and or videos on how to fix these it would be much appreciated.
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    Front lower ball-joints

  21. G

    btf spacer lift ball joint issues

    hey guys im planning on buying a spacer kit for my ex from btf and i know btf makes extended upper control arms but i dont feel like spending the money on them right away. how many of you are running the stock ones? any issues with ball joint life?
  22. T

    I need help!

    I have a 92 Ford Explorer XL. When I go to stop, I hear a loud clunking noise on the passenger side. I was told from a friend that it may be my c-joint or ball joint but I have no idea what that is nor the difference. I have noticed that behind the passenger side underneath the truck, there...
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    Shocks, suspension, ball joints, oh my!

    Hi everyone, I am a long time lurker and have gotten some very useful information from the forums. I replaced my front upper/lower ball joints a few years ago thanks to the great walkthroughs posted here but have recently started to have issues with my driver side upper joint again. I am trying...
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    Upper Ball Joint

    good day my fellow ford truck owners. i have a 2003 Ford Explorer that requires Ball joint replacement on the passenger side. Can i change JUST the ball joint or do i have to change the whole upper control arm? thanks in advance.
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    Upper and lower control arms 03 exp sport

    I was wondering if any tecs or guys who have done this job before could tell me if i want to replace the upper balljoint in a 03 explorer sport am i able to just press out the old one and press in a new one ( i am going to replace my balljoints with moog ones) or do i have to replace the whole...