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ball joints

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    Passenger Side Wheel walk

    So I replaced both front bearings in my 04 Explorer XLT 4WD. I purchased it with EXTREMELY bad passenger side bearing. After replacement I noticed a sharp pop from that side when I make a sharp right turn, sometimes a noise of some kind of friction, then BOOM, it stops. On road right wheel has a...
  2. S

    What brand control arms?

    My 2002 XLT needs new control arms and ball joints. I don't need the best of the best but I do want something that will last a while. Plan to put a lot more miles than the 56K that's on there now. What should I go with?
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    Lower Control Arm Replacement

    Hello again! This isnt going to be a full write up as they already exist. I just wanted to throw out some of my experience I learned and couldnt find before I started this. First off if your bushing are as gone as mine were you will need new lower bolts. One was stripped the other snapped in...
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    Please Help, 2014 Limited Suspension Issue

    I slid on snow and hit a curb going roughly 8 mph and snappedmy lower control arm in 2 pieces and pulled the axle out of the insert. The auto body shop got my insurance to replace all the suspension parts on the front drivers side wheel. However after multiple test drives there is a...
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    This is what it's all about!

    Went to Firestone Auto to get a 4 wheel alignment on my '04 XLT. Agreed to lifetime, every 6K alignment for $200, rather than a one-time for $70. They set it up, but came back saying the truck wouldn't align because the front lower ball joints were shot. Here's where it gets fun...
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    Front end popping noise question

    I have an 04 explorer 4.0 v6 with 66,000 miles. I have replaced almost everything that would need to be replaced through regular wear and tear including most of the front end suspension complements. The only problem I'm having is that after replaced the lower ball joints, and upper control arms...
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    Ball Joint - Explorer 1995-2005, Ranger 1998-2001 - Lower - Moog K8695T

    Ball Joint - Explorer 1995-2005, Ranger 1998-2001 - Lower - Moog K8695T
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    Really concerned. Help!!

    Hello, I recently got my upper ball joints replaced and after i turned a corner a very loud pop noise came from the front of my car. Now my wheel is a bit wobbly (Wasn't wobbly when the pop happened. Started the next day). I have a 2002 ford explorer. I recently got all new brakes, rotors and my...
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    new noise from 2004 v8 allwheel

    As I approach 20 mph, a scraping grinding sound begins in the front of the vehicle. This sound increases in frequency and volume as the vehicle speeds up to 35 mph. After which the noise is less obvious. The ball joints were replaced about 800 miles ago and new disk brakes were installed...
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    Stumped on squeaky rear noise

    Hello everyone! First post, I've been a lurker here for a while, I love that this forum is so useful, but I'm having a problem that I'm completely stumped on and I hope someone can help me out. I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT V6 4.0L with 220,000KM's on the odometer. I have been having...
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    Explorer 2001 4WD Clunking sound when accelerating

    I have a 2001 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD, V8 that is making a clunking sound when accelerating and when making turns. I figured its about that time to change the CV Joints anyway. So I bought the kit that includes the CV joints already assembled and the half shaft. I also decided to change the...
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    Front End Rebuild-brakes,ball joint,shock,hub bearing,tie rods (Lots of Pictures!!)

    Initially I planned to make about 10 seperate how to threads for this, but to make my life easier I decided to split it into only 2: front and rear. The rear will come in the next month or two. This applies to all 1996 to 2001 four wheel drive explorers and explorer sports. I am not sure about...
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    Upper control arm

    I have a 99 xlt that needs an upper right ball joint so I've decided to do both sides. My question is my truck has the one piece upper control arm, will the two piece replacement work for me? Thanks in advance for your input.
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    Need some info on Spindles

    So my Ex is badly in need of new Ball joints. So before I embark on this fun job I have a question. I have always wanted to change the way the brake calipers mount to the truck. I really do not like the slide pin set up that stock Explorers have. I would like to change them over to a simple...
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    I need help!

    I have a 92 Ford Explorer XL. When I go to stop, I hear a loud clunking noise on the passenger side. I was told from a friend that it may be my c-joint or ball joint but I have no idea what that is nor the difference. I have noticed that behind the passenger side underneath the truck, there...
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    Wanted need help getting rid of squeaky front end 2002 sport trac

    Thanks in advance for all of your help. My Sport Trac has 150k miles and has been very good to me. But as of the last several months it has been squeaking when turning and going over bumps:eek:. I think that I need to replace the upper control arms and the lower ball joints. Any idea on a...
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    Still fighting negative camber...

    I still have negative camber in my 2wd sport (no mods, 200k miles) that seems uncorrectable. my last alignment showed -1, -1.5 prior to that i already: -replaced bearings -new upper and lower ball joints -installed moog camber bolt/cam kit (max adjustment). -cranked up torsion bars to...
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    I need to replace my balljoints, but I have a question. According to the Haynes manual, and several people I've talked to, I can not just replace the ball joint, but I have to replace the entire unit(I'm assuming control arm). Any help here would be appreciated!
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    Replacing ball joints on a 1998 Ford Explorer 4x4 Eddie Bauer.

    Need some help to see what to expect. I just bought this Explorer. Found a guy on Ebay that sells the entire front end. I bought the UCA, Lower Ball joints, Inner/outers Tie Rods and the sway bar links. Beside the usual tools (ball joint press the socket for the inner tie rods and some hammer)...