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battery cables

  1. N

    Car Idle Problems -HELP-

    Hey Guys... So I do not know much about cars BUT I have been learning. This car is literally older than I am.. So I am trying my best to get this car running to its optimum efficiency. So CURRENT on going problem. STARTING the car is a bit*h. It takes me at least 2-4 turns to get this car to...
  2. K

    OEM Battery Cable Replacement

    Although I have referred to this site often, this is my first post. I am finding it very difficult to locate and purchase OEM battery cables for my 1998 Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC (w/o Message Center). The dealer no longer carries the part and I have yet to find an online source to purchase from...
  3. P

    Slow cranking. Battery cables?

    A few weeks ago, I had a dead battery for a completely unknown reason. No freezing weather, no lights left on, etc. Jump started it and put it on the charger when I got home. Ever since then, I have had a slow cranking issue. Checked the battery and it seems to be fine. When starting the...
  4. M

    '92 Sluggish to Start

    Battery recently tested by AAA and said charge was good and when turning over the battery is putting out sufficient amps. However, what is happening is intermittent. Sometimes when I turn the key over the starter seems like the truck just came off the assembly line. Other times when I turn the...
  5. Q

    "Buzzing" Starter

    I have been under my 2002 Explorer xlt 4x4 (4.0L V6) for over a week now trying to figure this thing out. Here is what is happening: When I attempt to start it, it turns over twice and then begins "buzzing" (starter pinion doesn't have enough power to turn and just "sticks"). A few days ago, I...