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battery light

  1. J

    My alternator is not charging the battery

    Okay, back in April the original alternator on my 03 explorer went out. I changed it out, no problem. About 5 weeks ago, battery light started going in and off but still ran fine. It ended up dying after about 2 weeks. Had the alternator checked and replaced. If I drive it short distances...
  2. G

    1992 Explorer Battery Light on

    I have a 1992 Ford Explorer 6 cyl. 4WD and the alternator just went bad. I went to the junk yard and got another alternator and took it to Advance Auto to have it tested and it was good. Replaced the alternator, jumped the truck and the battery would not hold a charge. I then got a new...
  3. X

    Battery Light Flickers

    ok so i finished my 5 speed swap still need to work out a few bugs ie. speedo dosent work reverce lights.. anyways since the swap my battery light flickers and everytime it does it its like th ignition was shut of for .002 seconds pretty much as quick as the light flashes it does it at crusing...
  4. B

    battery light comes on only when driving forward?

    only when i start to drive forward my battery light comes on and my voltage drops and stays that way when driving what could this be. my terminals are clean and cables and battery are newer.
  5. A

    2000 Explorer Alternator Battery Problems

    Ive tried finding info on other post but still I'm confused whats new. My 2000 Explorer Sport 4.0 SOHC. would be dead when I tried starting it in the morning. I changed the spark plugs, spark plug wires and the battery and it seemed to fix the problem. A month later it stopped starting again I...
  6. R

    2004 XLT battery warning light

    Battery light came on a couple of days ago. Would go off when coasting. Tested with my battery charger, said ALT OK w/o lights on, with lights on said BAD, so I just replaced it. Changed the alternator, now the light is on constantly. Had the parts store check core and it said good...
  7. M

    alternator light/charging system issue I've got a brand new battery, brand new alternator. Cleaned all of the connections really well, hooked up all of the wires and double checked my work. Belt is not slipping, no frayed wires or anything. Yet I'm still getting an alternator light on the dash and the voltage is not going up...
  8. J

    Hello from the newbie, need help

    Hi everyone. My name is John. I worked as a mechanic on and off for about 12 years. I must say I am glad to find this forum. My first car when I was 18 was an old '73 Ford Mustang notchback. I just bought my first SUV, a '97 Ford Explorer, installed an HD Radio/MP3 cd reciever and a remote start...