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  1. J

    Damaged Fuse Box, no Ignition Power!

    Hi Guys, I have a 2017 Explorer PIU with its stock center console wiring cut out during decommissioning. I accidentally partially drilled through the cabin fuse box as well as the power wire to it while drilling a hole through the firewall to install an inverter. I entered the fuse box in...
  2. W

    Forscan - 17 Explorer XLT+Sync3 (BCM+IPC Backup)

    Hi Guys, :) Thank you for all the usefull threads on this forum, i was reading you guys often but never create a user before. I was wondering if any of you had a clean not modded copy of your BCM and IPC modual save with Forscan? For this exact model: FORD EXPLORER XLT SYNC3 2017 (Canadian...
  3. G

    2015 Explorer Battery Goes Dead - Intermittently

    This started shortly after I bought the car in November 2014. I came out in the morning & no electrical power. I jumped it & ran fine for a couple days. Then dead again on a Saturday morning. I took it to the dealer who did a battery check & said everything (battery, charging, etc..) checked...
  4. jsgoofn

    FORSCan Codes for 2015 Exp Sport

    Greetings.... I installed some LED turn signals that supposedly had built in resisters to keep them from hyperflashing...but, alas, they lied...Anyway, rather than put in those tacky resistors, I wanted to use my shiny new OBD2 device to program the BCM. I found my way through that maze of...
  5. jsgoofn

    DRL Activation Possible Resolution (US Owners).....

    PlatinumOwner has gone to the trouble of figuring out the codes in the BCM in order to enable DRLs and to also allow the LED turn signals to work without resistors. It disables the bulb outage warning and is supposed to stop the hyperflashing. Look at the second link where he lays it out in a...
  6. NickyB

    [Solved] 2016 Explorer Remote Start Problem

    Hi Everyone, I was not able to find a thread that seemed to align specifically with my issue. I have a 2016 Ford Explorer Sport 401A Package. This means it has the wireless key FOB with the factory installed remote starter and perimeter alarm. I recently used ForScan to remove the double honk...
  7. M

    Windows and Sunroof quit working?

    got a 99 ford explorer and out of absolutely nowhere my windows, sunroof, cigarette lighter by the radio, and dome lights quit working. 4 wheel low and high flash as well. Ive checked all of the fuses in the truck checked all the grounds i could find. could this be a bcm?