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  1. E

    Possible hub/bearing problem?

    I just picked up a 2004 Explorer Limited that had a bunch of work done to it. They claim the rear hub/bearings and all 4 rotors/pads and tires were replaced like two weeks ago. I do believe it because I can see all the work that was done except for the hub/bearings. The problem is, it sounds...
  2. H

    2009 XLT. Droning/Growling noise. Sounds like front but could be rear? Bearing issue? TC?

    I just bought a 2009 Explorer XLT 4WD at auction. 144k miles. Main issue is growling/droning noise. Starts at about 20mph most audible, then changes pitch/volume with speed. RPM does not change sound, same sound under load or coasting, so I don't suspect trans/TC/diff issue. Don't see any leaks...
  3. S

    Wheel Bearings

    My 2002 XLT had one of the rear wheel bearings go out at 155k miles. It went from unnoticeable to nearly undrivable in 20 miles which was disconcerting; fortunately I got it home. My question is should I replace the other side even though it shows no signs of trouble? I've read numerous...
  4. C

    Rear differential noises

    Hello, I have a 97 ford explorer sport with a 8.8 LS with 410 gears. I was told there was an issue with the rear diff when I bought it. I have taken look at the ring, pinion and spyder gears but everything looks fine. The noise is a loud whining when ever power is to the drive train. When I...
  5. L

    Automatic lift gate & front suspension squeak!

    So first of thank you all for the help I’ve received on reviewing past threads about varies problems. A little back story. 3 weeks ago I purchased a beauty of a 2011 Ford Explorer limited with all assesory packages added for a great deal. Drove it off the lot no issues. And then a few days later...
  6. J

    Clicking Noise

    I just changed the front brakes on my '98 Explorer Sport and now the passenger side makes a clicking noise as I drive. I think the bearing may be bad, but not 100% sure. Any help would be appreciated
  7. B

    $200 2004 Mountaineer Question

    Hello all. I couldn't think of a better place to ask this question so I created an account. I have a friend who wants to sell me a 2004 Mountaineer for $200. It has 193k miles on it and 2 known problems. #1 The real seals and bearings need replaced he recommended both sides. #2 New passenger...
  8. E

    Spent $480 Already for Roaring and vibration noise please help

    Hello I have 2008 4WD Ford Explorer with 186000miles on it. I have roaring and humming noise with little vibration in the steering wheel and they all disappears completely on turn to the right. I have changed both front bearings with Motorcraft brand, but that didn't fix the problem. The noise...
  9. Mitchs07explorer

    Rear hub replacement 2007 advance trac explorer

    has anyone replaced their rear hubs on their 06-10 explorers? I'm pretty sure my rear right bearing is bad, squeels a bit. First off, is their much of a difference between the 2002-2005 models versus the 2006-2010 models when it comes to removal and installation? I seem to have found a bunch of...
  10. F

    Conflicting warranty info

    Signed up for an answer to some conflicting warranty information. Here goes. Is the wheel bearings covered under the 7/100k mile certified pre-owned limited powertrain warranty. Ford has a brochure on their website that says it is. But i called ford and they said it isn't. So which one is it?
  11. M

    Strange Marks on Tire

    Hi all, I have something quite strange happening, can't find any answers anywhere else. On only one of my tires (front passenger), there is a strange looking circular pattern (almost like a Spirograph), that appears around the outer edge of the sidewall where it meets the tread. This tire is...
  12. A

    Camshaft Bearings

    On my 94 4.0 I had the camshaft bearings replaced. The Ford service manual states that the bearing oil holes must be aligned with the oil holes in the block surface. I know on the earlier 2.9 engines this was critical because the oil holes fed the valvetrain on each side. I asked the guy who...
  13. N

    94 limited with 150k mikes

    hey everyone! I was recently give my grandmothers 94 limited 4x4, it has 150k miles on it and it drives amazing , steering is a little loose , has been for years , drives straight, no weird noises , bushings were replaced 45k miles ago , my dad wants me to have the bearings and ball joints...
  14. F

    1996 2wd front hubs or just wheel bearings?

    Hello, I suspect I will be working on the front end again soon. My question, If the front wheel bearings are bad, will I be replacing the entire hub assembly or just bearings? It's a two wheel drive that I've recently replaced upper and lower ball joints, both sides. New tires 4 months ago, new...
  15. J

    Help with a new noise!

    So here it goes again! I was diagnosing a shake at 65 mph, turns out it was coned tires since i never got an alignment after doing tie rods a couple years ago. Figured this out by doing a rotation backs to front. Rides nice and smooth now (as smooth as mudders will allow atleast). Doing this...
  16. J

    Thoughts on a rear end noise?

    Hello again its been a while (good thing I suppose) but you guys were helpful before so I have another question for you. I recently did a tire rotation to see if my front end wobble/steering wheel shake at 65+ mph was due to worn tires (did ball joints a few years ago and never got an aliment...
  17. 2

    Front caliper pins.

    Can you remove and grease the front caliper pins without having to compress the caliper Pistons? I'm changing the front bearings tomorrow and I also want to grease the pins while I'm at it. I also have to use two brands of bearings unfortunately as usps lost my package that had the inner...
  18. R

    My rear brakes making a "wooshing sound".

    Hello Everyone - So I bought a 2003 Explorer XLT. I really do love it. I have a small issue... When coasting and I am off the accelerator, I can hear a wooshing sound coming from the rear end. Brake pads look to be newer motor craft but are making a squealing like the indicators make when...
  19. C

    96 Ford Explorer Front Wheel Hub ABS hits at soft stops.

    Want to start my first thread by saying this forum & community is awesome. I have saved thousands of dollars rummaging through posts & doing the work myself because of this community. So here is my issue: I recently replaced my front wheel hub/bearings & had to reuse my old ABS sensor as...
  20. B

    CC not working after mechanic changed Bearings and Hub Assembly

    Hi all, Looking for a little help here. I took my car to a mechanic to have the bearings and hub assembly changed on my 2003 Explorer, 4.0, V6, XLT. As soon as I picked it up, the cruise control had stopped working. It had been working until then. The CC turns on, and the green light...
  21. P

    Wheel bearing question. Not how, but why?

    I've seen many of the posts here re Explorers eating wheel bearings on a fairly regular and long term basis. . Mine hasn't had any go bad yet, but I do suspect one starting. When it does go, I will replace with a Timken or SKF. My real question is, why do they go bad? Is this a crappy...
  22. S

    02 XLT Bearing noise?

    I have an 02 Explorer XLT with around 85k miles. Just recently I started to notice what I thought was a bad front wheel bearing. Annoying hummimg noise while driving and it goes away when you turn the wheel right. I thought it was coming from the front, but after changing both front hubs...
  23. L

    Good & Bad Luck

    Today's repair adventure is a tale of both kinds of luck. Started on passenger side where I had play in the wheel and figured the bearings might be bad. Took it all apart and found the bearings and races were fine (good luck). It seems that the previous owner must've installed new bearings and...
  24. W

    What is this Part? Pics...Help!

    Hello all! I've always gotten good help here so here we go :D My vehicle shakes bad when going around right curves and turns. Thought it might be hub bearings, pulled wheel off today and they are fine! I looked around and found this gasket i think its called, completely torn and off of where its...
  25. H

    NEED HELP diagnosing my issue - 04 Explorer

    Here goes, hope someone can help I'm in a bad situation my mechanic is telling me one thing, and my mechanic cousin is telling me another. We can't seem to diagnose the problem. 2004 Ford Explorer, 137k highway miles kept in great shape regular maintenance. For the past year it has been making...
  26. F

    2000 Explorer Sport - Repace Rear Wheel Bearings?

    I've had wheel humming noise coming from my truck for about 2-3 months now. While I was getting some front suspension work done, I had both front wheel hub assemblys replaced and yet the sound remains. So I want to replace both rear wheels bearings (my truck is almost at 150k, I might as well...
  27. B

    1998 AWD explorer bad front bearings or axle?

    1998 AWD explorer bad front bearings or axle? 1998 ford explorer AWD 5.0 L: When maintaining speed i hear a roar from L/F tire. If i let off gas, noise goes away and if i speed up it quiets down. If im at highway speeds if i let off the gas pedal completely, i feel a...
  28. K

    Need to do some brakes/shocks work

    So, while up north hunting (well, more like on the way up there), I noticed that I had some cupping of the inside edge of my front tires. It looks like it has been going on for a while, but I never noticed it before because I do mostly city driving, thus the vibration and noise aren't prevalent...
  29. M

    plz!! help!!.. transmission bearing stuck

    I have a 93 exp sport 2wd 5sp. i am having a transmission put into my explorer and only problem we have before we can put it in is the transmission bearing that is on the shaft (at the back end of the shaft in the bell housing) will NOT come off. tried using different methods but nothing works...
  30. H

    exploder exploaded bearings (or why to check bearings often) not 56k friendly

    Here is the carnage from a bearing blowout, a friend borrowed my truck for a bit and when she brought it back she said the brakes were locking up.... wonder why? a few shots of the carnage after removing wheel This shows how the entire assembly was riding on the ring...
  31. A

    Please Help! Whining sound coming from drive train during deceleration

    I have a whining sound that sounds kinda like a drill but much louder coming from under my x. I only hear it when a release the throttle from speeds over 55 mph. It will stop if i touch the gas and start back up when i release. My x is a 98 sohc v6 4x4 control trac with 4a/4h/4l. Any ideas? Is...
  32. J

    wheel bearings

    on a 98 explorer xlt do you really need to get a new front hub assembly if you need new wheel bearings? or can you just find get bearings to replace the old ones?
  33. S

    Can anyone tell me the difference?

    Hi i have aquestion. I just got a 2003 ford explorer sport xlt and i was wondering what the difference was between the sport and the sport xlt? And i also have a problem, when im driving it around it sounds super loud in the cab when its moving. I was wondering if the bearings are shot?, or if...
  34. S

    recommended grease for Wheel bearings X 93 4X4

    Hi Everyone!, i was looking on the Posts, but i can't find some information about the recommended grease for the wheel bearings, i remember I was reading somewhere that the Lithium grease with Molybdenum disulfide is the recommended by Ford. What do you think? it's that truth? :( Thanks