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bed liner

  1. 9

    Rustbucket to Blue Beast Conversion

    I finally decided to update the look of my old Rustbucket 91 Explorer. I started by stripping the bumpers, grill, roof rack, lights, and trim pieces. Followed by pressure washing it, then using 80 grit followed by 160 I sanded all of the rust down to bare metal and removed the trim sticker...
  2. 9

    Rustbucket seeks paint options

    I've debated on my medium for painting my super rusty explorer all winter and I'm reaching out for opinions. I've posted before about how to properly handle the rust (Tackling Runaway Roof Rust!) and I've decided to strip down the whole rig, windows, rub rails, and lights, the whole thing...
  3. D

    Step by Step on Bedlining trim

    hey guys just bought my 2000 xlt and the first thing i wanted to do was put a black bedliner on the trim. so my question is what is the step by step process of putting bedliner on trim. from what ive seen so far the process looks like this wash trim peices thoroughly sand down the trim (...
  4. LONO100

    refinished running boards with bedliner (pics)

    i took off my bland running boards on my 03 ST XLT last month, but since my gf is 5' tall on her best day, i had to put them back on. so i painted them with a truck bed liner. i cleaned them with soap and water, and then with simple green. i pulled the rubber grip off and then painted the...