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  1. B

    Massive Oil Leak

    Hey everyone! It's bean YEARS since I've posted on here, but I haven't had an Explorer ince I graduated college. I picked up a 1998 4.0 SOHC recently that had a no start due to a faulty CKPS. $13 later I was on the road bringing it to work to shake it down. I've only done a few small repairs as...
  2. J

    Help with Transmission removal

    Hello im in the process of removing by auto trans form an 02 sport. Ultimately the trans will be scrapped and switched with a manual. I have all the bell housing bolts out and the trans still wont come off. Tried prying, banging and ratchet straps. Ive done this once before (not the manual swap...
  3. E

    A4LD problems

    My A4LD started acting strangely on me, It was reving incredibly high in first, and would not shift into 2nd until I had been at high rev for a couple of minutes. 2-3,3-OD shifts were fine though. I decided to do a filter/fluid change to see if it helped at all. After I changed the fluid I turn...
  4. N

    bellhousing bolts

    Hello all, I need some help here if anyone has the info. I have a 96 ford explorer I am replacing the transmission and need all of the bolts that go with the job i need the sizes and lenghts,for the bellhousing, driveshafts, t-case,torque converter nuts,crossmember bolts,starterbolts, and any...