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black smoke

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    94 ranger 4.0 mass air flow output to high

    my ranger has been running to rich and blowing black smoke revs up fine but when driving cutts out replaced plugs and mass air flow sensor but my out put signal is to high on mass air flow need help.
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    1993 explorer fuel milage issue

    I bought my explorer and did a full tune-up. At first all was fine until i put a little over 600 miles on it. Then the explorer started to cut out the power as i tried to accelerate (when i hit the gas the rpms would drop to 1k). Not sure what to do I messed with it and realized that somewhere...
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    My 91 is posessed i swear

    My 1991 explorer is posessed i swear! my engine idles rough shaking the whole car and emits black smoke from the tail pipe when i start it that smells horrible and has now painted my curb black. also my volts jump from 10-13 while its warming up and when driving at temperature. when i come to a...