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  1. L

    New here!!!

    Just wanted to say hey! I’m new to the site and wanted to show what I’ve been doing to my 2017 Explorer XLT. I’ve made modifications to have it murdered out and I seriously love it! If you guys have any other mod suggestions please let me know!!!
  2. M

    Hello from St. Louis - New (to me) Platinum picked up today!

    Hey all, just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Mark and I picked up a 2017 Black Explorer Platinum today with 19k miles on it (black with black on black interior). Looks to be in great condition and, minus a rock cracking the windshield, I look forward to spending as much...
  3. M

    Ford Explorer Sport Photo Shoot

    Tell me what you think... I know I didn't clean it up lol.
  4. J

    Lifted 2007 Ford Explorer 4x4

    2007 Ford Explorer 4th Gen 4x4 2.5" Lift Firestone Mud Terrain Tires LED Headlights LED Halo Fog Lights Tennessee Contact: [email protected]
  5. G

    First vehicle in the great white north

    Hello everyone! I'm pretty excited because it turns out my Aunt's old 1993 5-spd sport is now my first vehicle. She bought it new, drove it for roughly 10 years, then sold it to a guy in mint condition. Said guy has now given it back to her (and her to me) since he's moving. I never thought I'd...
  6. D

    Wanted Aftermarket Second Gen Headlights

    Anybody have a set of aftermarket headlights for a second gen? Such as the black or chrome reflector ones. I want to do a Retrofit but don't want to do it on my own headlights. I would need just the head lights, not the corner lights/parking lights. If they're leaking or the housing is...
  7. C

    "Black Panther" 2014 Ford Explorer Sport

    "Black Panther" 2014 Ford Explorer Sport Hi fellow members. Let me introduce the "Black Panther" - 2014 Ford Explorer Sport, Tuxedo Black Metallic, Black Interior, Dual Panel Moonroof, Navigation System, Trailer Tow Package Class III. My name is Fredrik and I am a VFX Compositor, hence the...
  8. R

    new to the site

    Hey everybody! I was doing an online search for some help on modifying my vehicle and I came across this site. Needless to say it's a pretty great site! I used to own a green 1993 Explorer. Bought it for $500, put a few grand total over the years to keep her running, and installed a banging...
  9. J

    Brush guard?

    does anyone know where i can get an exact replica of this brush guard? i noticed this picture was actually on this site so i thought someone may know. or this one for cheaper? must mount to...
  10. Matte Black Vinyl Pillars

    Matte Black Vinyl Pillars

    Was getting tires of my faded pillars
  11. Matte Black Vinyl Pillars

    Matte Black Vinyl Pillars

    Was getting tires of my faded pillars
  12. R

    2011 2012 ford explorer interior

    Im in need of a interior for a 2011 2012 explorer if anybody knows where i can start looking i'd appreciate it. i need it to be black or i can start off with just black door panels. pls if you have any ideas pls share them with me...George
  13. S

    Blacking out my grill with Plasti Dip.

    I've been researching for a while on how to black out my grill. The two options I found was to sand it down and paint it or buy an Ironman grill. Due to $$ I kept looking for other options. Then I found Plasti Dip, a rubberized coating. Home Depot has Plasti Dip so I decided to give it try...
  14. K

    Tell me what you think

    Well guys, I had some money, and got bored with nothing to spend it on, so i've decided to spend it on my car, and well, it wasn't alot of money so i've done it all myself. I'm thinking of kinda going the "stormtroop" direction w/ my '02 explorer, and would really like some opinions. As far as...
  15. Black Horse

    Black Horse

    Mustang GT 3V 4.6L V8 with Plenum Cover SCT Custom Tuned
  16. Black Horse

    Black Horse

    Matte Black Racing Strips
  17. Black Horse

    Black Horse

    Thrush Turbo Welded Exhaust with Dual Stainless Steel Tips
  18. Black Horse

    Black Horse

    Blackhorse Bullbar
  19. Black Horse

    Black Horse

    "The Black Horse" 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac V8 Limited
  20. CamDJClimited

    For Sale 95-01 Explorer Projector Housings For Sale!!

    Hey guys! Up for sale is a pair of Black Explorer Projector Housings. These will fit Explorers from 95-01. They are a direct fit and the installation is just plug and play (VERY Easy). You can either choose to wire the Halos and LEDs to the corner/parking lights, or to your own switch. I can...
  21. T

    inspiration needed

    I just recently bought my parents 02 explorer xlt with just under a hundred k. It's wedgewood blue with the grey plastic trim, which will be matte black this weekend. Im trying to decide which direction I want to go with it. I plan on keeping the factory wheels and later on putting 265s on as...
  22. P

    Black Transmission Fluid

    Hey guys I brought my truck (01 sport trac, 120,000 miles) into the shop to have the fluid and filter changed. The tranny fluid was black and my mechanic said not to change it because the clutch could start slipping with new fluid. His explanation was that the black dirty trans fluid was built...
  23. A

    97X Blacked Out

    Before After :D
  24. B

    Black grille for 2010 Sport Trac limited

    Hello. I have just upgraded from a 2005 Sport Trac to a new 2010 Sport Trac Limited. It is black and I am not a big fan of the chrome grille. Does anyone know of any good options (Adrenalin grille, painting mine, aftermarket grilles) to get rid of the chrome look and go to something black...
  25. S

    1997 XLT, All kinds of mods!

    Hi im 16, this is my first car. I decided to work on it a little. 1997 XLT 4 Door - 2WD Modifications: Popped off running boards Torsion Twist / Warrior Shackles Flowmaster 40 Muffler (stock pipe, cut off behind bumper) Painted all gray trim, flat black (bumpers, trim, etc) Removed...