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blacked out

  1. DemonMudder

    My WIP '99 Explorer

    Working my way towards making her all blacked out, first the headlights and taillights, now the grille and brush guard. Working towards full offroader!
  2. J

    Chrome Delete & Black-Out

    I just ordered a 2020 Ford Explorer Limited Hybrid and want to make it look like the SEMA model. Does anyone know where to get Ford Moulding/Body Pieces at a decent price? A vinyl wrap on the chrome pieces is $1,200, not including the Grille. The vinyl wrap places state they can't wrap the...
  3. D

    “Almost” stock 2013 (my first post)

    Hi New here like to share my “almost” stock 2013.
  4. U

    Blacked Out & Whited Out Gallery

    It be awesome to see everyone's blacked out (and whited out) Explorer in one thread, and to compare and contrast. If anyone interested, post your most fave pic of your blacked out ride.
  5. S

    S h a d o w

    Here's what you can do with an extra Sport grille. After many measurements, cutting, grinding, sanding, and modifying, I used the diamond hash part of the grille to make a lower bumper grille screen. Used Duplicolor's Gunmetal Metallic paint, with minor sprays of flat black paint on top of...
  6. 4

    Great place for Car Enthusiast

    Hello, Michael from Locust Grove Va. I have been using this site since getting my 2011 Ford Explorer Limited Black. I like that the members are respectful of each members choices even if they do not agree with them. I have decided to black out my Explorer and recently had the stock rims...
  7. C

    Plasti dipped grille

    I had to do it, i plasti dipped my front grille and all my badging. Its is so simple, only took me a couple of hours. I did about 5 coats on the grille. here are some pics.. before/after there is a little bit of plastic dip overspray in the pic but it peels off very easy
  8. S

    Finally Blacked Out An 07 Mountaineer Grille & Other Exterior Pieces

    I brought my 07 Mountaineer AWD Premier in July of last year and have always hated that ugly "brushed aluminum" grille and other various exterior accents. I have yet to find an aftermarket grille for this mountaineer which really irritated me. So thanks to BuckFlash and his step by step...