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blend door

  1. H

    Possible Multiple HVAC Failures

    My girlfriend has a 2008 Mercury Mountaineer. Manual climate controls with one zone up front and also manual rear controls. About a year ago, her car randomly was only able to run A/C, motor speed was adjustable, and front vents only. Her stepfather went in to try to figure it out, found out...
  2. D


    Hey guys, After extensive squinting at page after page of threads going completely off topic, none I've read has helped resolve this problem. That being said: 99 Mountaineer AWD 5.0L 150k Miles, unmolested dealer serviced Charged A.C., cold lines, compressor working perectly, EATC, blower...
  3. mfitz725

    Blend door dilemma

    Apparently I need a blend door as I have some heat but it's very little. When I change the temperature all the way to cold the little heat I have does change to cold so apparently the actuator is working. The problem is that lists two blend doors, both for manual systems. However I...
  4. E


  5. J

    Ac not switching between hot/cold

    So my 07 explorer has what seems to be a common problem with explorers. It wont switch from cold to heat and vise versa. I did the common first step and replaced my blend door actuator with no luck. When I plugged it in I heard it work normal for a moment but then started clicking then stopped...
  6. S

    A/C coming warm from driver side vents

    Hello fellas, I have an issue with my A/C had it delivered on the dealership to troubleshoot and they found nothing. Just today I noticed that the air blows cold on the passenger side but on the driver side is barely cold. (Now I know why my friends got cold really quickly). The air blows...
  7. P

    Possible Electrical or Computer issue?

    All right, so a long while ago my timing chain guides decided it was time to stop existing. My explorer still rattles down the road if I need to go somewhere, and very soon I'll be getting it fixed, so I have a few questions. One, where can I find the reinforced metal timing chain guides? I'd...
  8. M

    Defrost Control Issue

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum so please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong area. Anyways, the issue I'm having on my 2004 Explorer XLT 4.6 V8 is that when I turn my defrost control to either the floor, defrost/floor, or just defrost, NOTHING changes. I'm getting warm and cold air...
  9. B

    Blend Door - 97 EB w EATC

    Does anyone know of a source for a plenum mounted temperature blend door for the EATC? Ford wants $175!! The Dorman kit 902-202 says it's for Manual systems only. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. B

    Blend door actuator

    I had a broken blend door in my 1997 Explorer XLT, ordered a new replacement from Heater Treater but was sent wrong door and only get half movement out of the door because the slot is 45deg out of alignment. Emailed Heater Treater about the problem and they asked for photo's which I sent them...
  11. G

    A/C fades from body to feet on hills.

    Please excuse this posting if this has already been asked, but could not find anything with a search. 1998 Explorer XLT V8. When driving with the A/C on, the air fades from the dash vents to the floor vents when going up hills. They don't have to be very big ones, but just a change elevation...
  12. T

    4WD LEDs blinking, Parking brake LED stays on, Blend door stuck

    98 Explorer XLT w/ 4L SOHC. What do you think? 1 problem, 2 problems or 3 problems? First, the Parking brake LED got stuck staying on. Then a couple weeks later the 4WD LEDs started blinking 6 times every few minutes. Then another week later the heat/AC Blend door quit working. Is...
  13. F

    New Member, Doing Work On My 2004 Explorer Soon!

    first off i would like to thank everybody for having me! i found the group by just searching google for things about my 2004 Explorer XLT V6 4.0 Flex-Fuel i just purchased. its in phenomenal shape. 113,000 miles on it. i just replaced the transmission fluid in it and the transmission filter as...
  14. J

    98 Explorer AC Blows Hot, even when off.

    1998 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L. So this issue has a little back story that may be relevant. At one point the AC was working great, ice cold air all the time, then one day it started blowing hot air. I switched the modes around and got hot air on every switch setting except for MAX AC. Running the...
  15. R

    Eatc confusion? Code 25 - which blend door actuator?

    I have a problem with my blend door actuator. I've done the eatc tests and receive code 25 error. I've checked the blend door itself for operation and all looks good and nothing broken. So all that is left to do is purchase a new one and install it.... However There is a little mystery...
  16. T

    Electrical issue with blend door actuator or EATC

    I have a 97 Eddie Bauer Explorer with EATC. Periodically, the blend door does not respond to the electronic temperature control, but if I reset the system by temporarily disconnecting power from the battery, everything works fine for awhile. Here's some additional background: I replaced the...
  17. H

    A/C Zones Not Working

    Hey folks, Been researching all day and have learned a lot of good stuff. Man this site is a valuable resource. My air within my air conditioning system does not change vents. A tiny bit of air is coming out of the main vents, but most air is coming out of the defrost vents up by the...
  18. T

    Heat for defrost is not as hot as panel

    When heater is put into defrost airflow, then the heat is not as hot as in panel airflow. Is this normal? I don't have clicking noises in front, though rear AC does click and requires replacing both temperature blend and direction control motors. But this is about front module. From what I...
  19. M

    2002 Ford Explorer Blend Door Plastic Clip Broken Solution

    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer and my climate control switch (the one that changes from air conditioner, defrost, heat, etc) would only blow out of the A/C vents regardless of what was selected. After a visit to a mechanic (who quoted me over $900.00 to fix), multiple visits to the parts store...
  20. K

    Heater Control Valve 101 Please

    Hi. I had an engine swap recently. I went with the lowest price for the install and now I find myself trouble shooting everything he either broke or didn't reconnect. Anyway, since its starting to get cool in the mornings, I notice the heat on the passenger side blows cold air. When I...
  21. 0

    A/C cold on drivers side & warm on pass. With digital climate control

    I just purchased an 06 Explorer Eddie Bauer with the digital dual zone climate control and already having issues. I have searched the forum but just wanted to be sure about the defective part before tearing in or trusting any type of mechanic to do the fix. I do not hear any type of sound inside...
  22. B

    Blend Door, Actuator, or Vacuum issue??? HELP!

    I've searched and read every blend door, A/C, and heater issue on the site, and I still can't figure this out! I'm befuddled. Here's what's going on: First, the blower motor went out. No problem, right? I fixed that with no issues. Right after that, I started experiencing issues almost...
  23. H

    Heat Problem... blend door or heater core or???

    I have a 1998 Ranger clone (Mazda B2500) 2.5L 4 cylinder. The truck currently has no heat. Here is what I have done so far........... Drained and flushed the radiator. Drained and back flushed entire system with Prestone back wash hook up kit. I did not use chemicals though. I broke the...
  24. S

    Hot Air Only

    Would I have a bad blend door if when selecting vent and cold temp (50 deg outside) I get nothing but hot air? When I select max a/c I hear the door close but my a/c isn't working and so I just get hot air.
  25. BigRondo

    How to: Replace Front Blend Door Actuator in 3rd Gen Ex.

    This is my how to for replacing the blend door actuator on the 3rd Gen Ex. The Blend Door Actuator controls the hot/cold temperature in the vehicle, not where the air is blowing from or fresh air/recirculated air. While researching this issue I found several discussions, but no definitive how...