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blower motor

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    Front Blower Motor for A/C & Heat not working

    I have a 2011 Ford Explorer XLT 2WD and the front blower motor stopped working. I’ve replaced the fuse, checked the relay, replaced the resistor and the blower motor and it still won’t run. Any other suggestions?
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    97 5.0 blower relay box is smoked

    So I have a 97 Limited 5.0 with the fancy climate controls, my blower motor quit working completely a while back. I bought a new blower motor and plugged it in to see what it would do and nada, checked fuses and they all seem to be good. So I went to the relay box on the passenger side to...
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    Wanted: Blower Housing

    About 6 years ago I ripped out my old non-functioning AC system that had been sitting empty for 15 years and swapped in a couple of ranger parts to make it heat only. At the time I lived in a cold wet place and never envisioned needing AC. Fast-forward to the present and I find myself living in...
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    Blower not blowing air

    My blower just stopped pushing air. We have changed the fuses, this did not fix the issue, we have replaced the resistor, this did not fix the issue. We are struggling to figure out a cause. All we know is the Blower Motor is not getting power. Once we jump it the blower motor works great but...
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    Quick blower motor question

    My blower motor on my 91 has been making a lot of noise even when I'm on the lowest setting I know it my be going but could I possibly pull it out and clean the fan to possibly get life back into it
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    Weak Blower and Strange Smell From the Vents

    Hello everyone, when I bought my ‘07 Explorer the HVAC only worked on the highest speed. I changed out the blower motor resistor and got all four speeds back, however, the blower felt really weak. Eventually I started getting a heavy electronic burning smell from the vents and nearly nothing was...
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    Blower motor whines when going over bumps.

    Hello, I have a 2003 and I was following this guide for AC airflow: How to: - Cold air in glove box -OR- No air flow from vents on Max AC - Here's a workaround I dropped the blower motor to check above it and put it back on to do the fix other day. After driving the car afer doing this the...
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    00 Mountaineer, ac/heater issues

    I have a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer that the AC heater motor blower will not turn off. It's got the digital automatic ac/heater but even when turned off the blower motor keeps turning, can get annoying.
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    Blower motor runs when ignition in on position

    Blower motor gets power as soon as ignition is in on position and motor not running. Even runs with relay removed. Remove fuse 2 and it doesn't run. Works properly if I switch A/C on. I have replaced EATC with a known good one that I keep for testing. I know it is always hot from fuse and then...
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    1996 Eddie Bauer Explorer Blower Motor Only works On High

    I have a 1996 Eddie Bauer Explore with an automatic temperature control system. The blower motor is either off or at full speed. The blower motor speed controller (not the standard resistor) seems to work as does the motor. The fan speed dial (a potentiometer) on the EATC (electronic automatic...
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    2015 Ford Explorer AC fan speed changes randomly without adjusting the knob

    Hello, I have a 2015 Ford Explorer. For about a week the AC blower fan would randomly change fan speeds while driving no matter where I set the speed to with the knob. I looked up the problem where older models had the same symptoms, but couldn't find anything for this generation. It turned out...
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    A/C, heater, defroster not working

    Hello So I recently had my cabin fuse box replaced, which was not the problem it turns out. more on that in another post. After I got my car back the A/C heater defroster wont work in front. the one in the back works. When I turn it on and I am driving against the wind I do get a slight breeze...
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    Solved My blower motor doesn't work.

    My blower only operated on the 4th position but intermittent. The last couple of weeks though the blower doesn't come on at all. On Christmas Eve I checked the fuse & the relay which were all good. Today 26th Dec, I checked the blender door gears which were fine & I replaced the blower motor...
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    Intermittent Blower Fan

    99 AWD 5.0 Mountaineer The blower (HVAC) works... Occasionally. When it feels like it. Today it was 100° outside. No blow. Tonight, works fine. I'm assuming that if the fuse blew, it wouldn't work at all. The rear blower works, and the air is cold from back there, so the compressor is...
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    Another air circulation issue: No airflow from the rear vents

    I've been searching for a few days, but I'm running into all of the same threads now... I've got an 06 Explorer v8 4x4 (new to me and understanding the term exploder already) with the Auto Climate Control that has a couple of air circulation issues. A) there's no air movement whatsoever from...
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    Blower Control Issue

    Alright, this one has me stumped. I've got a 2007 explorer limited with the dual automatic climate. Air works great, heat's even better. Only problem is the fan only works on high. I've owned a couple of older cars and had to replace the resistor pack on those, I'm assuming this one uses...
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    Rear Blower and HVAC control wiring

    I have a 1995 Eddie Bauer Explorer that I am taking on the projects of converting the basic HVAC to EATC and I have found detailed instructions on it already, thanks. I am also adding a full center console with message center and rear controls for the HVAC and radio. i have found detailed info...
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    No air coming through vents

    I have done a lot of reading and research trying to figure this one out, so if anyone can help that would be much appreciated. I got in my 2006 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 4WD and no air was coming through. I ran a couple things like switching from heat to AC, and toggling the speeds 1-4, along with...
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    Blower Motor Fan Stuck on HIGH

    I have a 2010 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer with automatic dual climate controls. A couple of weeks ago when I started the vehicle the Blower was on High and would only shut off when I turned the vehicle off. Other characteristics below: 1) Digital fan speed will go up and down, but does...
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    A/C resistor and switch going bad

    This is about my friends 1999 6 cylinder F150. His A/C fan will only operate on the HI and Low setting, no middle, either wide open or very small. The guy at the shop said he needed a new fan switch and resistor. We replaced that and it worked for the afternoon then that evening it went back...
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    How to Replace a Blower Motor Resistor

    So if your fan isnt working on one of the settings (most likely low) then you probably need a new blower motor resistor. This video will show you how to replace the blower motor resistor yourself nice and easy! Let me know what you think! **Also, if the video was helpful, give it a...
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    Blower Motor Control Module Issues

    Hey guys After a particularly hot day last summer the front blower in my 2000 Explorer Limited started working only on the highest setting. I just chose to "live with it" all winter, but finally decided to fix it this past March. I did some searching on this very forum and determined that my...
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    Blower Motor won't shut off!!

    I have a 1999 EB Explorer with blower motor issues. after searching this forum I thought I had fixed my problem but another one has come up. Let me explain. Last week the blower motor would work on high only. So I determined off this site that it was the automatic control module. So I ordered a...
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    Need help quick! Blower motor is out

    Okay, so the other day my blower motor went out. Weird thing is, the rear air still works, just not the front. So here are my questions: 1.) Are there 2 blower motors (1999 XLT), and if so can I move the working one from the rear to the front, and 2.) Is there any thing else that could be...
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    08 Explorer dual heat blower noise (Mr Mousie's wild ride)

    SO I get in the car last night for the first time in about a week. Aways down the road, I turn the heater fan on low. I hear a very faint tick tick tick. I speed it up and it sounds like when you were a kid and you put baseball cards in your spokes to make your bike sound like a motorcycle...