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blower resistor

  1. L

    Can't seem to find blower resistor on 92 Explorer!!??

    I'm looking to find the blower resistor because my AC switch only switches to high and i'v being meaning to fix now for a while. Its a 92 Ford Explorer standard 2 dooors also im new to this so yeaaaa. Thanks for any help.
  2. gmanpaint

    How to: Prevent a Fire Hazard!

    Fall time=fire hazard time. After a fire happened in the 94, I had to figure out where it started. After a serious freaking out and pulling off the road to a safe spot, I looked everywhere possible, there was no clue to where the fire was. The cabin filled with smoke and had an aroma of a wood...
  3. J

    AC Rechardged and still not cold?

    Hi All! I have a 2004 Explorer Limited. My problem is that the AC does not get very cold. I have had it recharged with no improvement. We replaced the blower motor resistor and still no change. My fiance thinks it is the blend door, but I disagree because there is a marked change in...
  4. C

    Solved Blower resistor on '99 Mountaineer

    Only the highest speed works on my air/heat and everywhere I look, it seems the blower resistor is my problem. Where is it located on a '99 Mountaineer? Also, I went to a parts shop and there are two resistors they is a $15 resistor and the other is $100 resistor module. It's a...