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body bushings

  1. S

    Body bushing help

    I have been working to replace the body bushings and hardware in positions A, B and C. Does body bushing D have to be loosensed to have clearance to remove and install hardware and bushings in other positions? If it does need to be loosened, any tips on how to hold bottom piece from spinning...
  2. L

    Sport trac body bushings

    Need help removing the front (A) bushing on my 2003 sport trac have finished the rear 3 but having problems removing the front ones
  3. N

    body removal

    Does anyone have a guide for removing the body on these things? I plan on doing engine and transmission work and body mounts. I work at a shop that has 10 ton overhead hoists but no lifts and would rather not do all that work on my back.. Thanks.
  4. P

    Trouble finding body mounts for 02 XLS 4x4

    I have been searching for days to find body mounts for my "02 XLS 4x4". I can find all kinds of kits to replace all bushings for sport tracs but not XLS. I can find individual mounts at retail prices $60+ each, but I can't afford to pay a grand just for mounts. I have searched all the major...
  5. H

    Body Mount Bolts

    Hey everyone, just joined this forum. My 2001 Explorer Sport needs new body mounts. I already plan to use the Daystar body mount replacement kit in the link below. However, living in the Midwest, I don't plan on being able to reuse the hardware. With that being said, I am having an extremely...
  6. K

    My ST Build

    Hello everyone, My name is Ray. I live in South Louisiana and work in the oilfield, offshore and on land. I use my truck for work so it is my home away from home and my office. I bought a 04 ST last June, it is a 2 wheel drive model. I would like to dress her up a bit. What I have done already...
  7. Brian1

    How to: Replace Body Mount Bushings with the Daystar Kit KF04009

    This is a how to thread on replacing the stock body mount bushings with the Daystar Kit KF04009 AND reusing the stock hardware without destroying it. I will not be focusing on removing the seats and trim panels to access the body bolts. For an additional thread that helped me through this...