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body lift

  1. I


    Question: Would it be worth putting on new leaf spring shackles and then a t-bar crank to gain an inch of lift, and then installing a 3-inch body lift kit? From my understanding for a 98 they don't make body lift kits but I remember seeing somewhere you can use a ranger body kit on it?
  2. T

    Underhood winch solenoid pack?

    I am just about to do the 3"BL and that will leave room to stuff an 8K between the frame rails, but not the solenoid pack. I have read on here that some manage to put it under the hood, so I opened up and took a look... hmmm. For the life of me I can't see where that box could possibly fit...
  3. M

    2002 Ford Explorer xlt Biggest tires stock/maybe body leveler?

    Okay, so this year my Exploder has really hit me in the wallet. I bought it a few years ago after a friend of a friend had a 2002 Exploder that he remanufactured the engine, and rebuilt then later replaced the transmission in it. I bought it mostly to be a backup vehicle/toy/project. This...
  4. Radiator 8

    Radiator 8

    Air shield made from aluminum above radiator to fill gap from 2" body lift.
  5. Radiator 6

    Radiator 6

    Radiator installed using drop mounts - 2" body lift
  6. Radiator 5

    Radiator 5

    Upper 'drop' mount for radiator with 2" body lift
  7. Radiator 3

    Radiator 3

    Radiator upper drop mount fab'd using cage nuts - note hole and 'countersink' alignment for flush fitment on back of bracket
  8. B

    Body vs suspension lift?

    Hi everybody, I'm sure this will sound like a dumb question ... but im no mechanic .. just love my truck! Haha ... anyway, I am a little confused about suspension vs body lift? Which one should I do first? I only want to raise my rig a little bit, both for cosmetic, tires and off-road capability...
  9. H

    Lifted and supercharged 08 XLT

    I'm an the proud owner and builder of this 08 XLT Explorer. First a little background of it and myself. I live 20 miles North of Louisville Kentucky. I work at the same Ford plant that my Explorer was built at Louisville Assembly Plant (LAP). I am luckily married to a semi understanding wife...
  10. J

    Lift Options for 2001 2WD

    I have a 2001 Sport Trac and it's 2WD... I know absolutely nothing about body lifts or any kind of lifts actually.. I am just curious what will be an option to get a good looking lift without spending a fortune.. Thank you in advance!
  11. U

    3" performance accessories Body lift

    I have a 3" body lift for a bronco II, and I'm wondering if the steering extension would work on a 1994 explorer XLT 4dr? id love to get a suspension lift, but seeing as I have this body lift already I might as well find out if I can use it. I've tried to call performance accessories but was on...
  12. G

    How high should I go for another lift?

    Hello I have a 3 inch body lift with 32 size tires. I wanted to know how high should I go for a suspension lift. I want it higher to the point hard to get into. I'm 5"7' and I want the bottom of the door to my waist. I don't know how high to go for that and where to look please help.
  13. L

    Help with lift

    This is my first time on this forum. I want to lift my 2002 Ford Explorer XLS about 3-6 inches. Love off roading and i think its time to put some nice 33's on my explorer and go on a better adventure. The problem im having is that i have a mechanical fan. So that rules out the body lift... and i...
  14. K

    Just a little bit more lift???

    Hello everyone. I got an 05 mountaineer thats got a 3 inch body lift on it and i just got a set of the rockstar rims with nitto dune grapplers on them for a great deal on craigslist. My big issue rite now is barely any turnin radius they fit under my wheel well perfectly fine but the only...
  15. R

    Is this Sport Trac body lift compatible with my Sport

    I have a 2001 Explorer Sport that is bone stock, I want to put a body lift in to fit some bigger tires. I want to know if this body lift will fit on my explorer because the sport trac is similar to my sport,
  16. 0

    Need immediate help on 07 mountaineer body lift!!

    Ok so a little back story. I have a 3"suspension lift on the truck (road bully made it") I was doing a lot of research on the body lift just 1.5 inches. I can seem to get the nxs off the passenger seat floor board and driver floor board. Along with the far back one in Rhein the back seta. So now...
  17. K

    I NEED HELP-first ranger project

    i have a 93 ranger XL with a 3.0/V6, its a 5 speed, and has 255,000 km on it.. im plannin on putting a 2" body lift on it, and putting it on 31's then instaling a snorkel, brush gards, and eventualy a 3" susspension lift... any advice or tips?
  18. B

    Body lift

    Hey I have a 2007 ford explorer 2wd 6cl xlt and I was wondering if there is a body lift that would work for my truck
  19. C

    98 XLT 2WD Help!?

    Hey everyone, New to the community and I have found a lot of info on here that was very helpful. I have never lifted a vehicle before so I want to make sure I am gathering all the right info. I am looking to get about 5" lift and fit 33"-35" tires. I am not sure what size will look the best...
  20. S

    2" body lift

    i am thinking about doing a body lift, but i want to do just a 2" lift, and not the 3" because i dont need toooo much, but enough to fit some 33s. anyone know of a 2" body lift that fits the explorer?
  21. D

    Sus body lift?

    Hey guys im new to all this stuff and i wanted to know what the difference is between a body lift and a suspension lift can anyone help?
  22. S

    2004 explorer will ranger body lift work????

    i have a 2004 ford explorer 2wd v6 will the 3 inch body lift still work on my year of explorer?? and if so which one do i need and what other parts do i need? Thanks a million!
  23. B

    3" Bodylift 5 Speed Console HELP!

    Looking for a console that will work with the 5 speed and 3" BL. I have an auto console right now but had to cut out the cubby hole and cup holders to catch second gear. Would LOVE to have my cup holders back. Thoughts on consoles or maybe bending the shifter arm up some? Just need some...
  24. Z

    body lift

    looking at putting at 3' body lift on my 07 explorer sport but i cant find any for the year of my truck. i was wondering if at 94 lift would fit? or who would make a lift for my truck. -thanks
  25. T

    Finished 2 inch Body lift!

    Hello people, Just finished my 2 inch body lift on My 1998 5.0 Explorer. Got some before and after pics. I didnt use any steering extensions or Radiator brackets. I had to trim the plastic that protects the cooling fan and secure a couple steel hoses out of the way of the serpentine belt but...