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body mount bushings

  1. S

    Body Mount Bushings

    Hey guys, I'm new here but it looks like you guys are good bunch so this is worth a shot. My 2005 Mercury Mountaineer has been making this crunching/rubbing/scratching noise mostly from the driver side footwell. You can only hear the noise when turning at low speeds. After months of looking and...
  2. M

    Torque Specs for body mounts?

    Anyone know what are the torque specs for the body mounts on 02 ford Explorer? I'm gonna use replace all of them (1-5) on the driver side of my explorer.
  3. M

    Just filed complaint with NHTSA about body mount bushings

    I'm sorry but I don't get why numerous inquiries to Ford have resulted in ZERO responses. Also will be considering class action suit for this defect.
  4. N

    Body mounts for 2002 Mountaineer

    I have a 2002 Moutaineer (4.0L-V6). As of late, it has been rattling quite a bit when I hit a pot hole. When I hit a pot hole I feel a loud thump right under the driver's side floor board. I replaced all the sway bar bushings & links and noticed that all my body mounts have deteriorated to...
  5. T

    Sleeves/bolts for body mounts

    My body mount bushings on my 2001 ford explorer sport are gone in the way back, so I bought the daystar set, but i want to buy new bolts/sleeves for it before i get them replaced. Can anyone tell me what the numbers are, i tried chat support but it was no help. and they are currently offline...
  6. obie

    For Sale 1991-2001 Daystar Poly Body Mount Bushings - Unused and In Box

    I'm selling a set of Daystar polyurethane body mount bushings for a 1991-2001 Explorer. Kit number is KF04009BK. I bought these before I decided to replace all my bushings with poly ones, and had to buy a Daystar master kit due to several individual kits being discontinued. The box is opened and...