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  1. C

    I Hit A Deer: Questions About Rebuilding

    Last fall, I was threading the needle over and over and it seemed like the deer were on a suicide mission. Finally, my luck ran out. I added comprehensive to my Insurance policy a day late and a buck short. A trophy buck. Right at the begining of the hunting season, I hit a very beautiful...
  2. S

    Rolled '96 2 Dr. What are body swap options?

    And of course, how hard is it to do? The good news is, I have a backhoe that extends to about 14' into the air! I am curious as to whether or not I could replace the 2 DR with a 4 DR. Or could I replace it with a Sport Trac or Ranger Body. All advice welcome! Incidentally, the car only has...
  3. S

    Body bushing help

    I have been working to replace the body bushings and hardware in positions A, B and C. Does body bushing D have to be loosensed to have clearance to remove and install hardware and bushings in other positions? If it does need to be loosened, any tips on how to hold bottom piece from spinning...
  4. JDraper

    Mud Flaps / Splash Guards / DIY Pics

    It is an easy install. Just need a drill, a pair of needle nose pliers, a phillips screwdriver and a flat screwdriver. Fronts can be done without removing the wheels (just turn the wheels to lock) but the backs require wheel removal unless you have a 90° drill and screwdriver.
  5. N

    body removal

    Does anyone have a guide for removing the body on these things? I plan on doing engine and transmission work and body mounts. I work at a shop that has 10 ton overhead hoists but no lifts and would rather not do all that work on my back.. Thanks.
  6. D

    OEM or used body parts - where?

    I have just imported a Ford Explorer 2016 to Poland. Left doors together with a central pillar are damaged. Where is the best place to get OEM or used parts? I bet the shipping costs might be a bit pricey- am I right? Any advices?
  7. A

    99 explorer fog lights mod!

    Hello, Its a 99 explorer limited with a 5.0.... So I recently purchased after market fog light housing. There very similar to one of the jw speaker fog lights. There led. But I read that it's easier to remove the bumper to get the old housing out??? Do I need to do that and I also read that...
  8. F

    What to do to make my 1997 explorer ride 33s?

    Whats up guys! I just got a 1997 explorer EB 4x4 with the IFS up front. I have some brand new 33s that i want to put on it. I already know that the most common way is the TT, shackles, AAL, and a 3 inch body but i have a few questions. 1) What is the best way to lift it? My budget is about...
  9. 0

    Body over frame?

    Is there a way to make an explorer 3rd gen so that its not body on frame and make it so the frame is hidden? I know a ton of work would have to go in to it, but I want to know if its possible. Thanks, Ryan.:us:
  10. 2

    TPS removal to clean TB?

    I want to clean my throttle body this weekend since its really bad, I've finally figured out how to remove the throttle cable by prying it off(I never found the way to remove it on here), now I'm just wondering if the TPS needs to be off the throttle body too before I clean it. I read somewhere...
  11. R

    need help on ranger bed

    hey guys im new to the site and was woundering what year beds would fit on a 2004 ranger it has a utility body on it and I want to find a regular bed for it any help would be great thanks guys
  12. J

    Ever had the "Box Truck" noise in your Explorer Sport?

    Hi folks, I hope this finds you well! I have a 2002 Explorer Sport that is all stock, good condition, but one thing plagues me -- when I drive the truck down a bumpy road, it sounds like driving an empty bobtail truck down that road! Very loud, very noisy, very annoying as you can imagine...
  13. B

    Body mount help

    I have a 2001 explorer sport SOHC and i took it to the stealers the other day and they said that I needed to replace all of my body mounts. They gave me a quote for $1400.00 for the parts which is obviously not do-able. I wanted to know: a) If anyone knows of any body mount replacement...
  14. E

    Do 91 Body Parts Fit A 94?

    Hi! Longtime lurker, first time poster. I tried searching for a quick answer to this, but was unable to find one. I own a '94 Eddie Bauer 4-door that was involved in a front-end collision a few months back and am now almost to the point where I've saved enough to fix it. I'll be needing a...
  15. A

    Need some advice for a body lift.

    Hey guys so as you can see i'm kind of new inf the forum. I'd like to tanks everyone on it, cause lot of time you saved my truck and gave me lot of good advice. Since i moved out of USA, and i'm back in France :thumbdwn: :mad: i had the good idea to buy a ford explorer that i got now for 6 month...
  16. L

    Valve body gasket.

    hi guys am new to this site, did alot of reading some time ago, about the 1997 explorer xlt, thought this is a very good place to get "knowledge" about this as ford decided they wanted to charge 4000 dollars for an overhaul, and 5000 for the timing redone, so i smiled and walked away with a dumb...
  17. P

    91x chopped off back and welding pipes soft top?

    So i cut off the back of the x and going to weld pipes and resupport everything and the pipes with be going at a downward angle towards the back and then st8 down and im looking for a place where i can get a 3 peice custom soft top type stuff and can hook or snap on then be able to take off when...
  18. S

    2" body lift

    i am thinking about doing a body lift, but i want to do just a 2" lift, and not the 3" because i dont need toooo much, but enough to fit some 33s. anyone know of a 2" body lift that fits the explorer?
  19. S

    body lift advice/help needed

    so as i understand it, THIS body lift kit is the one i need for my explorer? i am not very experienced installing anything that has to do with my sploder. i do have some friends that would be able to help out though, one that has completed a body lift. how much time is needed to do the lift...
  20. S

    A little assistance would be nice!!

    Ok, so being as new as i am to this forum, i havent had much time to go and look for a thread such as this. I am planning on doing a bit of body work to my truck. It has a nice sized dent in the front fender, and i am hoping to save some money and reshape it myself. problem being i am not sure...
  21. F

    1994 EX a4ld valve body replacement.

    Okay so yesterday i removed my a4ld valve body expecting to clean it and re install it... NOT THE CASE. the 34 shift bore and a couple others are SCRATCHED!!! and they were stuck in place. The valve body when removed was very dirty. I am wondering before i buy a replacement off of ebay Would a...
  22. S

    HELP: Removing Plastic Lower Rocker

    Hi all, Im trying to remove my rocker covers/panels before my truck goes in for a new paint job. i managed to remove the front corner peice with no problem and the plastic retainers at the bottom of the main rocker. The clips i see inside the main rocker dont come our without serious prying and...
  23. N

    lift questions

    I currently have a stock '04 Sport Trac and have been looking at the PA 3'' body lift. I see other people getting the same thing, but get shackles as well. Could I only get a 3'' body lift and it be fine? Thanks.
  24. O


    Does anyone Know where to find a good price on rollpans?
  25. D

    painting exterior body trim Q

    i have a 2002 ex. it is white, with the hideous faded grey-ish body moulding, fender flares, and bumper covers... the gray has faded and is now mostly a light gray and is not a consistent color throughout. i love the look of the all white explorers that have thebody molding color matched...