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  1. 2

    Crooked torsion bar bolt?

    :confused2: I noticed that one side of my truck is sitting higher than the other when I went to install front sway bar links. Do I have to re-seat the bracket that the torsion bolt goes through? I know it definitely shouldn’t be crooked.
  2. 2

    After Market Wheel Size Question

    I’m looking into replacing my stock 15” wheels with some 16x8 0 5x114.3 wheels. I’ve searched the site and see that the bolt pattern is correct at 5x114.3 but the offset is confusing me. These wheels have 0 offset so I’m wondering if 255/70r16 tires will work with these wheels on my truck...
  3. 2

    Torsion Bar Bolts and Adjustment Question

    I’ve always noticed that the front of my Explorer is lower on the driver’s side. I made sure my tires had equal pressure and measured at the center of the wheel well. Sure enough the driver’s side is about 1” lower than the passenger side. I crawled under the truck and the passenger side...
  4. M

    Intake Manifold Firewall Bolt Stripped

    I am working on my 2005 Ford Explorer XLT to change the fuel pressure and temperature sensor which is under the upper half of the intake manifold. Based on what I have discovered, there are 8 total T30 Torx head bolts securing the upper half of the intake manifold. I managed to get off 6 of...
  5. D

    Upper starter mounting bolt missing 93 Explorer

    Did my front brakes yesterday. It should have been a moment of relief, but after driving it maybe 50 feet, turning it off, and trying to start it again, I could hear the starter spinning, but no contact with the engine. I initially assumed my starter was bad. After getting a push start, then...
  6. V

    Can't Remove Control Arm Bolt

    I have an issue with my '97 Explorer XLT where I cannot remove the front driver's side control arm because there's a bolt on the right (located next to some fuel and brake lines) that doesn't have enough room to be pulled out. These lines aren't the issue though, it's the metal pipe behind them...
  7. C

    Sway bar bracket bolt stripped How to fix?

    I am currently laying on the floor frustrated on how such a simple job turned into a harder one so I was replacing the sway bar bushings and when I started to tighten the first bolt it somehow got stripped and now it won't go in but 1/4 of the way anyone know how to fix this the hole may be...
  8. 2

    How to remove a broken antenna bolt?

    My antenna was snapped off by an automatic car wash a few months ago and I now have the time to replace it. I purchased an screw extractor but can’t get it to thread into the broken bolt. I’m wondering if removing the antenna nut will give me better access to the broken bolt. But I can’t seem to...
  9. T

    What Caused This?!

    So I was fixing this... and I noticed this... how would I even go about fixing this?
  10. Rainlord

    Looking for a hex screw/bolt part number

    So I was pulling some wires behind the A/C console, which means the A/C manual controller plate (see here) had to come off, and one of the 4 hex-screws unluckily fell somewhere deep within the car... frustrating, as I'm always real careful. Hoping to find it one rainy day, perhaps. Anyway, I...
  11. T

    Snapped rear jackshaft attachment bolt Sport Trac

    I just removed my engine from my 2002 Explorer Sport Trac. After taking the flex plate off I took the engine compartment seal off and half of the jackshaft Bolt came falling out and the other half is still screwed in. I have no idea what to do because if I try to drill it out then I will ruin...
  12. T

    2002 explorer bolt size

    hello, im new to this forum and i could use some help. i replaced my intake manifold and with all my wisdom i lost the 4 bolts that attach my throttle to my intake. im totally new to working on my own truck but i really do like my explorer so i need to maintain it myself to save some bucks. its...
  13. D

    Rear Coat Hook Screw

    I feel like a complete idiot right now, but what holds the rear coat hook on? I know it's a screw, but can someone tell me what kind? I've tried everything from a 5mm - 7mm, and imperial sizes as well, nothing works on this little screw. I can't get my rear quarter panel back on properly...
  14. S

    Shackle Bolt Hole

    I am in the process of making my own extended shackles and I need to know the stock bolt hole diameter. I really dont want to take the stock one off just to check that. If anyone knows it that would be great.
  15. T

    Bolt stuck - Axel arm - Heat??

    Busted the driver's side axel arm on my 2wd. Gutted every piece of suspension on that side to get to it now the broken bit is hostage of the pivot bracket by way of one nasty bolt - Im about to remove the dang bracket and cut/machine/see if i can apply proper leverage to bust the f'er loose. I...
  16. Suicide77

    Sheared Transmission Mount Bolt

    Is it as simple as unbolting the bolts on either side of the assembly or is there more to the story? Also, any advice to keep from shearing the other bolts? I plan on testing on a pick n pull truck tomorrow, but lets face it, I don't know squat about this part of the vehicle. Thanks for...
  17. One bolt connects the brake line to the caliper.

    One bolt connects the brake line to the caliper.

  18. S

    Front Bumper Bolts will not budge.

    So I'm taking off my old brush guard to sell to a buddy of mine. The whole thing came off easier than it went on except for the very last nut that holds the bracket on. This is one of the nuts on the back side of the front bumper (more specifically the one furthest to the passenger side.)...
  19. S

    bolt pattern

    i have a man here claming that the gmc 5 bolt pattern will fit on my explorer 5 bolt pattern. is this true or is this phony?
  20. F

    Header Install Question

    Ok so I had a few beers and was thinking, I want to install my brand new pacesetter headers and y pipe, plus delete the cats with another pipe. I broke 1 bolt in my head and got another one out, I know how they're prone to breakage. What if I cut the heads off the bolts, lube up the...
  21. T-50 Torx bolt is being removed.

    T-50 Torx bolt is being removed.

  22. Hex bolt & Torx bolt.

    Hex bolt & Torx bolt.

  23. Ratchet, M6-1.0 X 45 MM bolt, and 10 MM socket.

    Ratchet, M6-1.0 X 45 MM bolt, and 10 MM socket.

  24. Propane, broken bolt, bolt extractor, igniter, torx socket, and ratchet.

    Propane, broken bolt, bolt extractor, igniter, torx socket, and ratchet.

  25. The caliper pin tool is pushing out the bolt.

    The caliper pin tool is pushing out the bolt.