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    Solved Hard brake pedal with a hissing noise.

    I think I know what the answer is but I am looking for input from some confirm my suspicion or to correct me. Here is the back story. Brakes started acting funny on my '92, at first had to pump them a bit and after a few days to a week or so I had to start pushing on the pedal real hard to...
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    My name is Allan Chesshir, I am joining because I built 3 HHO Gens and tested them on my Explorer. If anyone has any experience mounting the Gen to the engine compartment, let me know as I intend to build a new one (dry cell). Check out my vids on Youtube channel visionace.
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    Do I need to bench bleed a master cylinder?

    The brake booster recently went out in my 94 Explorer XLT. It was leaking vacuum through the firewall, the cruise control would not engage, and the brake pedal was stiff. I need to disconnect the brake lines in order to remove the master cylinder. After I do this, do I need to bench bleed the...