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brake lights

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    Hi, I need help with my sport trac. My Driver side rear brake light/ turn signal is not working.

    My 3rd brake light and passenger side brake light as well as my turn signal on the passenger side work. The reverse lights work. I have replaced both sides with new lights and there’s nothing wrong with the fuses as far as I can tell. Can anyone help me out with this?
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    2013 Utility Wiring help, rear tail light brake lights

    Hello everyone, I just bought a 2013 Utility from the highway patrol. It appears that the middle brake light works, turn signals, but I do not have the left and right brake lights or reverse lights. All the wiring is hooked up, but I did see some splicing and a wheelin module connected to...
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    Brake lights not working on my 98 explorer xlt

    the brake lights are not working on my 98 explorer xlt. The tail lights, directionals and backup lights work. Can you offer suggestions to check. I’m at a loss as to what to look for now. Randy D
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    Will the 2017 Brake lights fit in 2014 Explorer?

    I don't like my 2014 Explorer brake lights. When I saw the new 2018 brake lights which shone brighter, I thought about swapping it. Will that work? The other reason why I ask is because of wiring... will the wiring be the same to match 2018 brake lights wiring?
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    Ok I have a duzy for anyone that can help me with my brake light situation...My brake light will not come on....All three..I know the brake switch is good and i know there is power to it and coming out when the pedal is pushed...And thats where i am at.. I have checked the fuses and all are...
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    brake lights not working on my 91 explorer

    The third brake light on my 91 Explorer works fine. The two main brake lights do not. The bulbs are good I hear the relay clicking so what would be the cause of this? I have the factory tow package could it be related to that?
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    Door ajar wont turn off now everything going wrong

    Hi I have a 04 Explorer For the last 3 weeks my door ajar light wont go off, also my brake lights keep staying on (and manually have to hit brake pedal after shut off to turn off) as well as ABS light occasionally keeps appearing and disapearing. My battery now seems to be failing bc the...
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    Brake Lights barely visible - without engaging brake pedal?

    Please check out my video I just posted. I just noticed it tonight and the LED's have been in the truck since Saturday. Although the Duralast Gold 850CCA battery has been out sitting on the trickle charger as I was working on other items like this and that. So that could explain why I never...
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    Electrical problem with 2000 Mercury Mountaineer

    Hi. I have a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer, 4.0. Yesterday some electrical issues came up. When you turn on the turn signals they work, but if you hit the brake when you're signaling, the right signal sticks (doesn't blink). I tried a lot of things that were suggested on the site. The hazard...
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    brake lamps not working

    the pedal switch is working but I dont have a fuse diamgram to see if its a fuse? and does anyone know if brake lamps bulbs are seperate from turn signal bulbs?
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    Help! brake lights are not working and fuse keeps blowing.

    I replaced my factory radio with an aftermarket unit. The brake lights havent worked since then. I've been through two wiring harnessess and grounded to the chassis on one end and to the back of the radio on the other end. I finally have taken the aftermarket unit out and reinstalled the factory...
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    way to stop tailgaters? what do you think

    me and a buddy got to talking today about tailgaters and how to keep them off your @$$ and we came up with away that we think works great in day and night mount a mointry on switch and wire it into the brake likes so that you look like your braking when your not what do you guys think i dont...
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    No brake lights or a turn signal.

    2001 explorer, one brake light has no power, nothing no brake light, no parking light, no blinker. i have check the bulb, put meter on it, it has to be in the wiring someplace. Is there a place i should look first that has had problems before??
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    Ranger brake light fuse blows

    I took my rear bed off my 96 ranger x/cab 4 cyl 5 speed 2wd to clean it up and paint the frame and put some shocks on while I have the bed off. I put my tail lights on a wooden board temporarily to go to the store this evening, when I touch the brakes the fuse blows. All the other lights work...
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    Brake lights & flasher problems.

    I have two problems that might not be related. All the Brake Lights went out on my 94 explorer, due to the great advise on this site, I replaced the Brake Light switch and everything was great. I was just told all my lights are out again, it has not even been a month. I replaced the Brake...