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brake pads

  1. W

    2002 replacement brake pads & rotor suggestions

    I've never replaced the front rotors and pads before but it looks like a relatively easy job. My problem is there are so many different brands and types available that I'm at a loss for which ones to purchase. I have nearly 160,000 miles on the vehicle so I don't necessarily need a set that's...
  2. T

    Brake pads for 2016 explorer - ceramic or semi metallic?

    Hello all, I am going to replace my brake pads, and was wondering if I should go with ceramic or semi-metallic... Info: The explorer is used for daily commutes, no off-roading, no towing, no aggressive driving. I am pretty sure the current pads (factory originals) are semi-metallic. If the...
  3. M

    Vibration When Braking

    When I brake, especially if going over 40MPH or so, the front end seems to vibrate quite a bit. My brake pads aren't in the best condition and I have a new set of rotors and pads coming next week (ugh, I hate shipping time). Does it sound like something new rotors and pads might fix?
  4. N

    My 20,000 mile brake pads on the front are down to the metal

    I have a 2015 Explorer XLT 4WD it has just rounded 20,000 miles and yesterday i heard a metal sound from the right front wheel. Turns out that the disc pads where down to the metal. Cheked the left side and they were as well allmost gone Yes i drive a lot in mountains, but mostly just myself and...
  5. 08EddieCA

    Cracks in front brake pads

    Hello, I live in a hilly area of Los Angeles. I'm sure driving down long hills generates a lot of heat in the front (and rear) pads. Last week I was cut off on the 405 freeway causing me to apply as much pressure on the brake pedal as I was able to muster. The abs went off and I avoided...
  6. G

    New in stock! Brake Pads Front - Wagner MX652 - Explorer / Ranger

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  7. G

    New in stock! Explorer and Ranger Brake Pads

    Wagner MX652 Front Brake Pads for: 1995-2001 Explorer 1995-2002 Ranger Product Page: BRAKE PADS FRONT - WAGNER MX652 Don't forget to use promo code: explorerforum
  8. D

    How to Replace Bake Pads and Rotors

    Hey guys, I made a new video on how to replace pads and rotors. The average cost at the dealer or a mechanic to replace the brakes and rotors for out Rangers/B3000s is $400. If you do this yourself, it will cost you $120! That is a savings of $180 plus you learn how your car works and you use...
  9. A

    Help! Sourcing spare parts for 2005 Sport Trac in UK

    Hello everybody, After hearing some disquieting noises coming from the front wheel, I resolved myself to take my 2005 Sport Trac XLT to the nearest Ford service center. Their verdict was dreadful: front wheel bearings severely worn, brake discs warped from overheating by the shot bearings...
  10. C

    Rear driver side wheel grinding noise/feel

    Hi everyone I've looked everywhere I can't find a solution to my problem. The rear driver side wheel started to make a grinding sound only when I applied the brakes but now it makes this sound while just driving with no brake being applied. I went ahead and ordered new rotors and pads...
  11. B

    Brake rub after changing pads on 98 Explorer

    I read through tons of threads but couldn't seem to find an answer for this. I just replaced all the brake pads on my 1998 Explorer. Now, the brake pads on the right front seem to be rubbing a bit when driving straight and producing a vibration when turning right. However, there's no...
  12. firefly1246

    Explorer to Aviator front brake upgrade

    Has anyone upgraded the front brakes on your explorer to the 13" rotors and slightly larger calipers from an aviator? I am about to do my front brakes and it looks like it should be bolt in as long as there are 17" or larger diameter wheels. The advantage would be going from a 12.07" to a 13"...
  13. C

    are rear brake pads the same as front?

    Thanks to you guys, I just replaced my own front brake pads. Never knew it was so easy. Question is - are the rear pads just as easy? (on a 2003 explorer sport 2dr 2WD XLT) Or is there something more involved? Thanks
  14. J

    1996 ford explorer sport Brake suggestions

    Im a new member but have experience working on my explorer. I know the process of changeing out brake rotors pads and what not ive done it a couple of times but i usally just go to my local auto parts store give them my info, 1997 ford explorer v6 sport 4x4 and they suggest something. Im...
  15. M

    2004 rear brake pad installation - backwards?

    Hi all, This past weekend I replaced the brakes on all 4 wheels of my '04 XLT. I put on EBC Green Stuff pads, with EBC rotors in the front and Brembo in the back. No real problems, although it did take some convincing to free the rear rotors from the hubs. When I installed the rear pads, I...
  16. J

    1st Time replacing brake pads. Help

    Hello All, I have a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport trac and need to replace my brake pads (Squealing noise). 1. My main question is: Is there any thing that I should look out for? I be searching on-line for pictorials on how to do this, just what to hear from the experts, on anything specific...
  17. V

    Brake Pad and Rotor Recommendations

    So I just had Ford do a 90K service on my 2002 Explorer for $550. They did a brake/rotor inspection and said both need to be replaced - and quoted me $900. My brother is the "mechanic" of the family but he's not up to speed as far as parts go. What do you recommend for solid replacements? I do...