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brake system

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    Brake Problem ABS

    Hi I am getting the below error. Does anyone has any idea what the problem could be? Code: C101A - Vacuum Pressure Sensor Additional Fault Symptom: - Circuit Voltage Out Of Range Status: - Previously Set DTC - Not Present at Time of Request - Malfunction Indicator Lamp is Off for...
  2. S


    Ok I have a duzy for anyone that can help me with my brake light situation...My brake light will not come on....All three..I know the brake switch is good and i know there is power to it and coming out when the pedal is pushed...And thats where i am at.. I have checked the fuses and all are...
  3. M

    brake system sabotage!

    2005 Ford explorer sport trac.....continuously having brake problems after replacing part after part... took it to a shop who told me someone has put oil in my brake fluid reservoir. so now im told i need to replace the entire brake system due to contamination.. it has failed all my new parts...
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    07 Explorer Electrical issues

    So my Explorer been acting up lately, im thinking is some kind of electrical problem. If i drive on the highway is no issues at all, the problem starts as soon as i come to a stop than the abs light, the traction control light comes on. Follows by the radio turning on and off. And in some...