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    '98 XLT clunking during when braking

    Hi I've got a '98 that has a weird issue where, when I apply the brakes lightly (either turning and going straight) about 2-3 seconds in I get this singular thunk or clunking noise which sounds like it's coming from the front end. I can roll my window down and hear it and its usually when I'm...
  2. C

    2004 Parking Brake Cable Wrong Size!!

    HI Really struggling to find the right part for my 2004 Eddie Bauer, 4.6, AWD rear parking brake cable. I have ordered a few from Rockauto and they are too long or to short. Originals (left and right) are 47" long but cables supplied are 43" or 78" !! Any suggestions please, as i am stuck...
  3. N

    No brake lights

    So, I am new here and looking for help. None of my brake lights are working on my 2002 Explorer XLT. I have replaced the bulbs and the Brake Light Switch and it has not helped. I can't seem to find a wiring diagram or a fuse box diagram that I can print out to see about tracing the wiring to...
  4. S

    Brake help needed with 02 Explorer

    I have an 02 Explorer that recently started having some brake issues. Everything seemed fine until yesterday, when I came home from work, I would have to press the brake pedal a couple inches deeper than normal to stop. I took the vehicle in to a local brake shop this morning and they quoted...
  5. D

    No fluid when bleeding front driver side brakes

    So we replaced the pads, and later the calipers. About 3 weeks later the driver's side tire locked up/caliper seized. I took both calipers off to be safe, sprayed both with PB BLAST, let soak, wiped off the gunk. Cleaned everything with Brake Cleaner, then sprayed the calipers with heavy duty...
  6. J

    2013 explorer XLT front caliper suspension bushings

    I'm about to replace front rotors and pads on my 2013 Explorer XLT with towing package (3.5L). I keep seeing the guide pin boot kit with 2 front caliper suspension bushings included (ex. Advance Auto Parts - Down for Maintenance). I'm wondering how to remove the boots and where these bushings go.
  7. T

    08 Explorer XLT 4x4 No Turn Signals, relay clicking

    hello everyone. I’m working on a friends explorer and I am having difficulty diagnosing a no turn signal problem. We have running lights, but no turn signals lights, and no low mount brake lights. The top mount brake light works. All bulbs are brand new. And the indicator lights on the...
  8. Explorer Front Brake Line Routing

    Explorer Front Brake Line Routing

  9. 2

    Best place to buy Rotors / Pads?

    Guys, I am needing new rotors & pads for my 2011 Limited. I have never bought my own parts - where is the best place to buy online? I am currently just looking for OEM replacement unless you guys have something else / better to suggest. Thank you Matt
  10. D

    93 Explorer dies and won't start again for minutes after a hard stop or turn

    I have a 1993 Ford Explorer Sport. In the last month I've replaced the ignition coil pack, spark plugs, plug wires, and battery. Both before and after all of those parts being installed, my truck will stall and die when panic stopping or taking a hard turn. Not only will it die, but it won't...
  11. S

    brake pedal input sensor????

    so i was driving the other day to use my buddies code reader and plugged it in and it read "1483 brake petal input circuit fault" didnt think any thing of it until last night i went to hit the break and the pedal would not move, like locked up firm which also made the brakes basically...
  12. M

    Brake pad and rotor recommendation?

    Looking to change the front pads and rotors on my 3rd gen explorer. I've been recommended motorcraft, raybestos, and Wagner as good brands. Stock pads are suppose to be ceramic, but I think im gonna go with semi metallic for better stopping power, unless anyone has used ceramic pards that...
  13. P

    Squeaking When Rolling, Goes Away When Pressing Brake

    I have a 2000 XLT and whenever I'm driving I hear this constant squeak. It starts at 25MPH and at around 50-55 MPH it goes away. If I am cruising at say 30 MPH, the squeak will constantly get louder and louder, until I lightly press the brake. Then the sound goes away. But after I depress the...
  14. R

    Solved Hard brake pedal with a hissing noise.

    I think I know what the answer is but I am looking for input from some confirm my suspicion or to correct me. Here is the back story. Brakes started acting funny on my '92, at first had to pump them a bit and after a few days to a week or so I had to start pushing on the pedal real hard to...
  15. A

    Steel Brake line ABS to front wheel

    I have a leaking front brake line from the ABS pump to the front brake line on my 95 Explorer. Does anyone know what style flare (i.e. bubble, double flare) and line size I need to replace it?
  16. M

    Spongy and Airy Brake Pedal - Brakes Giving Out - Master Cylinder?

    Hi friends! When I press the brake pedal, it makes a 'whoosh' air sound like bellows. It goes down quite a ways before it starts applying decent braking. When at a stop (red light, for instance), the truck will want to creep forward and I have to press the brake pedal even harder...
  17. G

    06 2WD XLT Brakes Engaging at Highway Speed

    On Monday, after 60 miles of highway driving, I began to notice that my brakes were engaging on their own without pushing on the brake pedal. It was subtle at first, but after 5 more miles there was a lot of noise. My best guess is that the squealing, popping and shuddering sounds were coming...
  18. L

    (Probably A Dumb) Brake Rotors and Pads Question/ Advice Needed

    So Ive got a question regarding my brake system. I noticed a problem with my brakes a while ago and for whatever stupid reason I just ignored it. I believe I need a new rotor now and pad on the passenger side rear wheel. Ive attached pictures that will show everything I can see (Pictures are in...
  19. D

    1993 brake master cylinder replacement

    I've got a 93 4wd Ex, and the master cylinder is in pretty bad shape. the brakes are squishy and I want to replace the MC before I do any brake work. My Haynes says to not attempt at a home shop because it is "impossible" to properly bleed the MC. I hear there is a special tool (on a ford...
  20. N

    2007 ABS kicking on not touching brakes, cant move

    I have a 2007 explorer. All of the sudden my abs light came on and my abs kicks in without touching the brake. I can idle and move but as soon as I try to accelerate my abs kicks in and I come to a halt. Took me a long time to idle home the other day lol. I removed two ivd module fuses from...
  21. O

    type of brake light bulb

    Hi explorians, i´m trying since a while to find the proper type of brake light bulb. One of them seems to be broken. Does someone has a hint on that? cheers
  22. L

    Do I need to bench bleed a master cylinder?

    The brake booster recently went out in my 94 Explorer XLT. It was leaking vacuum through the firewall, the cruise control would not engage, and the brake pedal was stiff. I need to disconnect the brake lines in order to remove the master cylinder. After I do this, do I need to bench bleed the...
  23. M

    Fishtailed so easily? ABS and Brake Light on?

    Hey guys! I just got my first car "truck"... it's a '92 Ford Explorer. It has the Red Brake Light and Yellow Rear Antilock lights on at all times. I've read online multiple times that this means something about being low on fluid? It appears to me that my brake fluid container under...
  24. G

    Front Brake Hoses

    Hello: I've got a 2000 Explorer 4x4 that the passenger side front caliper was locking up. We bought this used and drive it quite a bit so I bought new calipers, rotors, pads and hoses. Everything went on great except for the hoses. The originals were twisted and the repair manual says they...
  25. M

    Low brake fluid light with new brakes help !!!!!

    I am in need for some help on this one. 2006 explorer 145,000 miles about a week ago the Low brake fluid light came on in the information screen and the solid brake light is also illuminated. Prior to this i had noticed some travel in the pedal to the floor. I checked the fluid level "its...