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    Upgraded to PowerStop Z37 Top Cop Severe-Duty/Fleet brake pads.
  2. M

    Extender e brake cable/ replacement

    Hey yall, i have a lifted first gen and need a part number for my e brake cable, i had to cut it when i lifted it, skyjacker 6” lift, cut the intermediate cable because it was dragging, 93x 2dr sport
  3. H

    '98 XLT clunking during when braking

    Hi I've got a '98 that has a weird issue where, when I apply the brakes lightly (either turning and going straight) about 2-3 seconds in I get this singular thunk or clunking noise which sounds like it's coming from the front end. I can roll my window down and hear it and its usually when I'm...
  4. W

    2002 replacement brake pads & rotor suggestions

    I've never replaced the front rotors and pads before but it looks like a relatively easy job. My problem is there are so many different brands and types available that I'm at a loss for which ones to purchase. I have nearly 160,000 miles on the vehicle so I don't necessarily need a set that's...
  5. I

    Free - full set of used brake callipers (x4)

    Rummaging in my garage, I have found a full set of 4 brake callipers I removed from my Explorer about 3+ years ago. These would require a full and proper refurb. to make good. The bleed nipples on the fronts are rounded and seized and the rears are perhaps in the same condition. If you might...
  6. S

    2011 Explorer XLT

    Hello all, I hope everyone is well. My Explorer has 152K on it. The only issue I've had until now is my front brakes. They make a funny noise when I'm going slow, can hear them and not pressing the brake pedal. The Ford dealer was unable to fix em (replaced pads and rotors). Now my APIM has...
  7. D

    No fluid when bleeding front driver side brakes

    So we replaced the pads, and later the calipers. About 3 weeks later the driver's side tire locked up/caliper seized. I took both calipers off to be safe, sprayed both with PB BLAST, let soak, wiped off the gunk. Cleaned everything with Brake Cleaner, then sprayed the calipers with heavy duty...
  8. R

    Standard duty brakes upgrade to heavy duty

    Hello everyone! Can anyone please help me to figure out what are the required parts I had to change to upgrade from standard duty brakes (325 mm OD) to heavy duty brakes(352 mm OD)? Thanks in advance!
  9. B

    Caliper bolt

    Hey everyone. Yesterday I had the front end of my truck in the air replacing the front end brake pads. I was able to replace the drivers side without an issue... but on the passenger side when I went to unbolt the caliper, the bolt free spins, even after keeping the caliper pin flat...
  10. B

    How’s it going?

    My wife and I bought our 2017 Explorer sport in magnetic gray (beautiful color) about 5 months ago and I’ve just started working on changing up a few things. Wanted to introduce myself and familiarize myself with the forum since I’ll be here often enough for more information and write-ups on...
  11. Explorer Brake Line Fix

    Explorer Brake Line Fix

    Threads on fitting were crossed. I removed the old and inverted flared the line w/ new fitting. Never goes smoothly
  12. D30 Brake Caliper Rebuild

    D30 Brake Caliper Rebuild

    Blowing apart for rebuild
  13. 2

    Best place to buy Rotors / Pads?

    Guys, I am needing new rotors & pads for my 2011 Limited. I have never bought my own parts - where is the best place to buy online? I am currently just looking for OEM replacement unless you guys have something else / better to suggest. Thank you Matt
  14. B

    No one can figure this out!! (Brakes)

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am at the end of the line with my 2011 Ex limited, 110k miles. Problem- about once in every 10 times driving it, and only in stop and go traffic my brakes go VERY soft. I mean so soft that I can push down to where they end. ( I always know it’s...
  15. F

    Help with TS, Ford sport trac wheels locking up when I brake in drive position?

    Hey, so i looked around and found a few good information relating to this, but didn't find much about this specific problem that had hardly any replies so what happened was my gf was driving, coming to a stop and soon as she hit the brake the car abruptly stopped, tires screeching kinda stop...
  16. B

    ABS Light - Sensor? - Wire? Something Else?

    I searched but didn't find anything helpful. 2000 Explore XLT 4-Door 2WD 4.0L SOHC 130,000 Miles. The ABS light on the dashboard is ON. I just finished replacing the front left and right UCAs. While doing this, I removed the ABS sensors from the steering knuckles. One sensor's face was...
  17. J

    Clicking Noise

    I just changed the front brakes on my '98 Explorer Sport and now the passenger side makes a clicking noise as I drive. I think the bearing may be bad, but not 100% sure. Any help would be appreciated
  18. A

    Soft brake pedal - ABS bleed

    Hey all. I have been battling what I consider inadequate brakes for years. I've replaced everything except the ABS. I came across this article today from a guy that had the same issue. How too bleed and ABS unit on a 1993 Explorer 4x4 HELP!! He says that a anti-lock break adapter...
  19. R

    New Brake squeaking and grinding

    1999 Ford Explorer. I changed the front brakes because I heard a squeaking and grinding noise. I bought from Napa set of ceramic brakes top of the line. I am having the same problem which is on the driver side and still having the same problem. I have changed out brakes on all my cars and trucks...
  20. ggifford

    Powerstop Brake Kit Installed (Drilled/slotted rotors + Powdercoated Calipers)

    Hey Forum folks- I wanted to post pics of the Powerstop Brake Kit I had installed over the weekend. Although you can likely buy as a kit now, I purchased the items separately as they came available. After waiting for MONTHS and much hounding, Powerstop finally released to their retailers the...
  21. D


  22. J

    Brake problem!

    So on my 1992 explorer I just replaced the front pads and rear brakes because of wear and I replace the front rotors because they were warped. And now the rear wheel cylinder because one was locked up. And the other was on the way. I bled the brakes over and over and still have no pedal. In the...
  23. A

    Can't find a part

    Hey all, I'm doing a front brake job on my 93 Explorer Sport and I need to replace the thrust spacers (2 per wheel). Can anyone point me in the direction of purchasing them? I've looked online, but it seems like I have to buy a very large assorted set to get the 4 that I need. I live in...
  24. X

    Rear brake problems...

    Hey everyone, I'm new here kinda. I've been lurking and learning for the past year or so ever since I got my 92 Explorer with a blown head gasket and rebuilt it. I've found a few threads about this issue but they're older and I didn't want to resurrect an old thread. I finally purchased new...
  25. M

    Spongy and Airy Brake Pedal - Brakes Giving Out - Master Cylinder?

    Hi friends! When I press the brake pedal, it makes a 'whoosh' air sound like bellows. It goes down quite a ways before it starts applying decent braking. When at a stop (red light, for instance), the truck will want to creep forward and I have to press the brake pedal even harder...