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build thread

  1. MM.4x4.Explorer

    Matthew (MM.4x4.Explorer)

    Hello! I Made my account here on EF For a few years now, I've responded to a few threads here and there, but I finally did the Elite Explorer deal (2 for 1) this last November, and I'm Glad I did! (Especially Now!) Ever since I was little, I loved our families 97 2 door Explorer we bought in...
  2. T

    Project thread: “Beast”

    Hey been on these forums since purchasing this vehicle in 2009. 74k miles and had only one owner before. I used forums for great advice and kept everything stock until earlier this year. I have gotten a bigger stronger work vehicle now and can turn the explorer into a project car! My Rig; 2001...
  3. Kiliona

    Cummins First Gen Build Thread (no really)

    Hello Everyone! I’ve been a member of this forum for a long time – apparently since 2013. However, in recent years I haven’t been spending as much time here unfortunately due to neglecting my exploder. Well the exploder is back and its finally time for me to post a build thread! Most...
  4. E

    02' Off Road Build

    So I picked up this 02 Eddie 4.0 on the super cheap. It has 310k on it lmao, no idea on the history but the trans seems solid- numbers look good on the engine's pressure(about 160 psi on the left bank, didn't bother with the other side). Think it needs a timing job on the front- it has a knock/...
  5. R

    V8 Swapped Eddie Bauer Build Log

    So, I've been an Explorer owner for a year and a half now, since I got my beginners permit last year. I had a 99 V8, had a mechanical failure in the steering or brakes, rolled it, lived through it with just bruises, been hunting 2 1/2 weeks now, and I came across a 01 Eddie Bauer with the SOHC...