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  1. J

    Mountaineer to Car Transplant

    I love the way my mountaineer (AWD) drives, handles curves and accelerates.... However, I am starting a car build and was looking at engines and transmissions, fwd, rwd, awd, atc. It finally occurred to me that I'm expecting my car to perform as well as my mountaineer. (Lightbulb moment)...
  2. E

    Early 4.0 into a Second Gen Explorer

    I've already searched around in the threads and can't find anyone who's mentioned doing this. I'm building a 4.0 that came from a 93 Sport to put into my 97 XLT. I've noticed the block casting is different, specifically for the motor mount bolts. Has anyone swapped an early 4.0 into a second...
  3. A

    96 5.0 needs a new motor

    So my 96 5.0 is getting pretty tired and it' time for a rebuild, but since it's my daily driver I am looking to buy another motor to build and swap in to minimize downtime. The question I have is what problems will I run into if I get a later model 5.0 to build? Ideally I'd like to find another...
  4. B

    94 Bearhug survival thread

    Hey all, I've seen a lot of fun and entertaining build threads on the forum and thought it about time to contribute my own. But as I'm a broke college student the thread will be less about building it up, and more about keep it alive -- thus survival thread. Hoping ya'll can help me in this...
  5. R

    Need help. wanting to fix up my stock 06 ford explorer

    I have a 06 ford explorer XLT 4x4 and I would like some help fixing it up and making it an off road monster. I understand it is a v6 and I was wondering if it was possible to drop in a v8 I would like to lift it 3" and put 17s with 33s and light bars and things. I'm not really vehicle savvy so...
  6. A

    Austin Burris. 5.0 97 explorer

    Hey guys I'm new here. I have a 1997 explorer limited with the 5.0v8. I'm looking for builds and advice/help on prerunning it. Thanks
  7. J

    Ford Explorer M90 future build.

    Hey! :D So I just read alot of threads of people that has sc their ohv explorer. I have wanted to do it a long time now. But not sure what i need. :confused2: The List i have come up with to now is: -Supercharger M90 -New injectors -New MAF -New fuel pump -Intercooler(if i go over 5psi??)...
  8. 9

    Build sheet?

    My explorer was trashed before I bought it while in the vacuum solonoid I found my original build sheet but it was stuck to the floor from being soaked in water and pop and. Who knows what else question I have is there a place to get a copy if I provide the vin? I want it for show purposes...
  9. G

    First 5.0L Rebild help please.

    I have a 98 Explorer XLT 4X2. Engine has a 8th vin number of "P". I'm looking for a rebuild engine and have a few questions. I have done many chevy's in the past, but this is my first ford small block. I saved this truck from my wife's boss and only paid $650.00 for it. Over the past 3...
  10. R

    Introduction/Build Thread

    Hi everyone my names Case and I'm originally from Lawrenceville, Ga. I currently attend Valdosta State University and am the proud new owner of a 2006 Explorer Limited. Its in great condition inside and out and I've already been putting some personal touches into it. Unfortunately I don't have...
  11. Explorer23

    Completed Project TTB Terror build

    The time has come! After being a proud explorer owner for a year and half I have decided to start my build thread from the beginning. It all started back in spring of 08 when my best friend's sister blew up the transmission in the family's 92 explorer. After finding this site I learned more...
  12. J

    My 92X build thread

    Hey everyone! Im not sure if this is in the right spot or not but im sure it will find its way if its not! :p Iv'e been on for a while creeping around for answers and thought it was about time to write up what I have to show for it! Heres a little about it: 1992 Ford Explorer xlt 4X4...
  13. L

    just got a 95 explorer

    well i was just given this 95 explorer and i am going to only use it as an ofroading and fishing/ camping car. The things i know about the car are that it has had 2 owners. The first a young girl in Colorado and my brother. The other thing i know is that it has never been beaten on but never...
  14. T

    SAS Cost

    So I was looking into buying a sas explorer, but can't find many around my area. I have all the tools necessary to build one but never have so was kinda sketchy. I was wondering what it cost some of you that have done it already. I'm looking at probably getting dana 44's or 60's, maybe and 9" or...
  15. A low freon charge will cause ice to build up on the line coming from the e

    A low freon charge will cause ice to build up on the line coming from the e

  16. X

    2002 Early build vs. Late build

    So Im searching for a headlight switch with the fog option and thru my searching I've come across the Early/Late build thing. What were the differences between the Early and late Models? I do see that the UHJB is different.... Why would the headlight switch be different? My...
  17. dual cap build

    dual cap build

    dual cap build