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  1. Mr_Fruffles

    GTR LED ULTRA SERIES....Will it melt what it touches?

    Cannot seem to find the answer to this......will it melt wires or the rubber that the heatsink is touching? I cannot get the entire bulb, wiring, and ballast inside the housing so I instead have the rubber covering directly cutout around the fan on the back of the led bulb and have a wire...
  2. A

    Comparing LED bulb to my old Halogen bulb - Explorer 2013

    Since we all know that Explorers have very poor yellowish Halogen headlights, I decided to change them and install HID. the thing is I do have my DRL enabled in both of my headlights, and installing HID will require me to disable my DRLs, either with Forscan or by heading to the dealer. so...
  3. C

    LED Conversion Issue

    96 Ford Explorer XLT. Replaced every single interior/exterior bulb to LED except headlights (still waiting for those). I also used a LED flasher relay to prevent "hyper-flashing". All lights work fine, except when using my turn signals, the third/high mount brake light lights up, but is dim &...
  4. F

    Headlight not working, but bulb is OK

    My 2015 Explorer (Base model with 4WD) has just acquired a problem. The LH (Driver's side) headlight has stopped working. I had been running Philips 9011 C1 bulbs, but I kept my OEM bulbs for spares. I replaced the Philips bulb with the OEM, and it is still not working. Note: Parking lamp is...
  5. D

    LED Headlight Bulbs

    I'm about to buy a set of these to try in my car. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/NEW-80W-CREE-LED-Headlight-Conversion-Kit-H4-H7-H11-6000K-White-Light-Bulb-Lamp-/321936364867?hash=item4af4e71543:g:SBcAAOSw8-tWXbu7&vxp=mtr Everyone knows about the HID craze right now, but I'm very curious about...
  6. J

    Dash light bulb replacement

    I have a 2009 Ford Explorer. My question is what is the bulb number for instrument cluster. Half of my speedometer is not lighting up. I know how to replace the bulb. It appears to be pretty simple. My only issue is I do now know what bulb number is. I have searched the forums and have found...
  7. S

    Lighting issues in my 07 Sport Trac

    I so love my Sport Trac! I have had it for over 5 years now and just now do I have an issue. I have totally lost the display light of the stereo-I can't see the time and station at all, although the rest of the buttons are lit and working. Also I have lost the light on my gear shift! I...
  8. P

    tail light lens assy removal... Am I a being an idiot?

    Gotta tell ya I'm really pissed off at this point. I have spent 20 minutes trying to get the tailight lens out. 60 minutes poring over the shop manuals. The genuine, green FORD factory service manuals. There is nothing in them on removing the tail light assys. So I started a search...
  9. Remove the hood bulb to avoid draining the 9 volt battery.

    Remove the hood bulb to avoid draining the 9 volt battery.

  10. Interior light bulbs

    Interior light bulbs

    Various interior bulbs
  11. Silverstars