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  1. C

    Double Ford

    Hi My name is Caryn and I'm from NC I have an old Ranger 72 camper special. Plus a 2010 Ranger 4x4 its the 4x4 that brought me here today. I am trying to change the bright bulb on the passenger side which I am guessing requires taking the top off my air cleaner
  2. D

    Switch lighting?

    Are the bulbs that light the rear de-fogger and the fog light switches on the right of the dash, just to the right of the radio, on a '99 replaceable, or would I have to get new switches?
  3. S

    [Solved] Explorer's Poor Headlights

    This thread was way to long to go through, but I didn't see a resolution. Explorer's Poor Headlights 2011-2014 Explorer Problem: It's like there are black discs covering the beams with the only light being in the ditch to the right just in front of the car, extending way up into the trees on...
  4. N

    I need to see the road. What bulbs?

    Just started using my 03 xlt again after driving a brand new car for a while and I realised that the head lights are really bad. There are some old standard bulbs in it now. What should I get? Philips? There doesn't seem to be that many of the better bulbs available for 9007/hb5. Or can I...
  5. N

    LED Reverse Lights

    I'm looking to replace the regular bulbs with LED's. I own a 2008 Explorer XLT I believe it's been done before but how would I go about removing the tail lights in order to actually remove and replace the bulb? Is there anything else I should know? Thanks.
  6. 9

    Reverse light hook up

    Ok so ive searched Google and the forums and I can't seem to find what I need. I did a Shelby spec 302 swap over the last few years and in turn also sealed in a Borg Warner T5 - my 1993 explorer was originally an a4ld. I'm trying to find the reverse light wires on a supposed 5pin plug and hook...
  7. D

    eBay HIDs

    Sup guys. I know everyone frowns on using HIDs in reflector housings (Anime), but I decided I want to see what it really looks like and how bad the glare is. Does anyone know of a good cheap set of HIDs from eBay.ca, Canadian eBay please, that I can run. I'm looking for the dual bulb...
  8. J

    need help with lighting !!!

    so i recently upgraded my interior lights to blue LED as apposed to the shitty stock yellow ones, also did H.I.D fog lights,blue LED under my side mirrors and third break lights.... I'm now looking to do the reverse tail lights in blue LED, but I'm unable to find them on any site i order the so...
  9. P

    08 LTD. changing Instrument panel bulbs requires "programming"???

    I am looking at the Ford service manual for my vehicle. 2008 Explorer Ltd 4.6L. I want to: A. Find out how many instrument cluster illumination bulbs there are. B. determine which ones are working and which ones are out. C. Find out how to remove the Instrument Cluster and replace the...
  10. F

    Led Converstion (Need bulb numbers)

    i wanna convert to led bulbs in my 02 explorer. only thing is i need someone to link me the bulb numbers( stock or even the led bulbs) so i can buy them i bought my cluster ones but turned out to be the wrong ones . thanks all and im sry if theres another post like this i tryed to search and got...
  11. Fogs


    This is my X after I wired up the fogs to come on with the parking lamps instead of the low beams. I also put Street Glow Superwhite bulbs in it too.