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  1. I

    front bumper/grille guard

    so i was wondering if anybody out there knows what kind of other trucks/suvs have about the same shape and size as a 96 xlt because im a sixteen year old and don't have a lot of money due to the lack of a job but i want a good looking bumper maybe off Craigslist that will fit with out too much...
  2. N

    Dual Exhaust for V8 Adrenalin

    Looks like the spare tire and the rear lower bumper skirt prevent an easy dual exhaust install. Has anyone installed duals on a V8 Adrenalin? Are there aftermarket lower bumper kits to accommodate dual exhaust? I could probably do without the spare tire, although it'd be nice to hang on to...
  3. Aerostar rear bumper.

    Aerostar rear bumper.

    This diagram was taken from Ford software.
  4. jcerrion

    How To: Trim the lower fasica bumper on a 5th gen X

    Per a moderators request, i have redrafted my original writeup so it is supported within the website. This is a repeat post so that members can access the directions without traveling off forum.
  5. S

    Want a custom bumper!!!

    I had an accident about 5 months ago and my stock 97 explorer bumper looks like shit so i want a custom bumper with a desert bar attached. Is there anywhere in sarasota or bradenton or florida for that matter that i can order one from?
  6. S


    Is there an offroad magazine that i can order custom bumpers for a 97 explorer pretty cheap?
  7. S

    Xlt to limited bumper 1995

    I just bought a limited edition bumper cover for my 95 explorer and it doesn't fit on the metal bumper...I've looked thru the forum and can't find anything about it. Does anyone know what I have to do to get the cover to fit..do I have to buy a different bumper? And the fog lights look like they...
  8. J

    2012 Explorer bumper valance

    I have a 2012 Explorer,something rub against black bumper valance and put a scrape on it. since it is a black textured surface is there and products I can fix the scrape with. I dont want to replace the lower valance if I dont have too. thanks for the advice.
  9. T

    Off Road Bumpers

    Hey so I'm looking into building up a 91 explorer but can't seem to find any off road bumpers. Any suggestions on where I can find some?
  10. P

    My bumber set up, maker of bumber James Cal

    I got my bumper painted and put on with the lights high lift and the winch had to do alot of fabbing to get everything to get in sung but it worked out great hopfully im pictures come in good.
  11. T

    front bumper removal

    trying to take off my front bumper because its in need of repair (my bad) and ive searched the forum and found out there is a total of four bolts holding it on, just having a hard time finding them since i dont exactly know where to look, so id like to know where the locations of the bolts are...
  12. S

    Front Bumper Bolts will not budge.

    So I'm taking off my old brush guard to sell to a buddy of mine. The whole thing came off easier than it went on except for the very last nut that holds the bracket on. This is one of the nuts on the back side of the front bumper (more specifically the one furthest to the passenger side.)...
  13. G

    02' Explorer Sport V6 4.0

    This forum has been so immensely helpful to me and has probably saved me over $2,000 (at least) in the last few years. I'd like to detail all the issues I've had w/ my explorer sport in the hopes that it will help someone else out. Some of this may be a little simplistic, but I hope it will help...
  14. F

    Need bumper assembly for 02 xlt

    Looking for a bumper assembly for 02 xlt. Preferably the whole front clip. Please help!
  15. F

    Need body parts for 2002 xlt

    I need parts (new/used) for my 2002 xlt. Anyone know any good part places
  16. M

    2011 Explorer. Tow package.

    This may be a dumb question but I have an installed tow bar reciever installed on my 2011 Explorer. It is located behind the bumper cover. How do I open the bumper cover? I really dont want to damage the bumber by ripping it open. Mark
  17. D

    2001 Bumper on a 98?

    I have a 98 Ford Explorer Sport and I found a 2001 bumper with fog lights still intact for 125 (a steal if you ask me). Would it mount up? And Also, where could I find replacement side skirts for my Explorer? When I bought it, the passenger side skirts were ripped off. I don't even know where...
  18. T

    looking for a new direction.

    well some kid thought they would pull a fast one on me and make the most sudden stop on ice so i re ended them. and since i had a bull bar on it i think it did bad then good in "protecting" the front bumper. so after repairs are made this week (alot of fiberglassing and paint) what should i do...
  19. J

    custom bumper

    i have a 92 exploere xlt. and had a fender bender with a 3rd jen explorer and decided to make a bumper from hell. i hope you enjoy the pic's. ill try to update the photos of the finshed bumper.
  20. S

    FS-Smitty Built Bumper 95-01

    Since my new bumper is being built i decided to post my old one up forsale. Its in pretty good condition other then one small chip in the paint. Nothing to bad though. Its actully made to fit the 95-98 Bumper but i made it fit my 99.(different bumper style on 99+) Lights are not included. The...
  21. R

    custom tire swing outs

    one project for the new year will be a custom swing out (mounted on my stock bumper) to keep my spare, highlift, etc. on. doing a little research i found this site offering just hinges, or kits with hinges and latches, for those of use wanting to make our own instead of buying the full swing...
  22. F

    I need help with body work.

    ok so im getting ready to get some parts of my 98 explorer sport line x'd i need some help i want to remove the bumpers, fender flares, side steps and grill but havent really looked into lookin for instruction or advice on all or any will post pics of before work and after
  23. S

    Back Bumper??

    my back bumper has faded a lot. i tried painting it, but the bumper paint keeps coming off. it's also sagging on one side. any recommendations on painting and realignment? or should i just wait for someone to run into me?
  24. O


    Does anyone Know where to find a good price on rollpans?
  25. A

    How to remove rear bumper cover on 05 Eddie Bauer?

    I need to remove the rear bumper cover on my 2005 Eddie Bauer 4WD with a factory class III/IV hitch built into the steel bumper. Taking stock of the fasteners, I see: - The plastic rivet-type things along the flange that runs along the bottom and partly up the sides of the hatch opening. -...