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  1. Bumper Sticker Idea

    Bumper Sticker Idea

  2. Rear Bumper Bracket

    Rear Bumper Bracket

    Rear bumper lift bracket for 3" body lift.
  3. Front Bumber Bracket

    Front Bumber Bracket

    Front bumper bracket for 3" body lift
  4. American Racing AR-23

    American Racing AR-23

  5. After side

    After side

  6. After 33s, skidplate, AR-23s

    After 33s, skidplate, AR-23s

  7. img00007


    A bunch of us got stuck here, that night, we got cold and very wet. It was awesome. Still had 31's in this pic.
  8. Prerunner2


  9. Prerunner1


    My new prerunner bumper
  10. Bumper Shot

    Bumper Shot

    Another shot of my new bumper with swing away, reverse lighs, d-rings, and 2" reciever.
  11. James Duff Bumper

    James Duff Bumper

    My James Duff Prerunner bumper. Tough as nails.