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  1. A

    Looking for Opinions on Painting Over Chrome

    Despite my X recently taking some abuse, I'm hoping to clean her up a little and maybe do some paint work as well. The big decision I'm wondering about is weither or not I should paint my chrome bumpers and trim black. I like the look of the black wheels, but I like the chrome accents and am...
  2. W

    2001 Ford Explorer Sport

    Hello! I have the 2001 Ford Explorer 2 door Sport. It has the 4.0 overhead cam. I see some are suggesting replacing the IAC valve to stop the hard starting. I was afraid it might be the timing, lol! I really do enjoy this vehicle. I just don't like it locking the doors on me after I start it...
  3. M

    Stock to "better" stock mods...

    Hi. I'm new here and should probably introduce myself in the intro thread. Well, I've been wanting to do something to my X that I just have a hard time finding my question, let alone an answer. Just bits and pieces. So here it goes: I have a 2004 XLS with auto 4x4 and 4.0 v6 engine. I...
  4. J


    I am getting a first gen ford explorer soon and would like to know if you guys know where i can find an off road/winch bumper for it also i would like to know any recommended parts for it i plan to lift it and make a nice 4x4 and daily driver. Thanks for any information
  5. LONO100

    just painted my bumpers and cladding, results! (pics)

    using the tips and advice i got from everybody on the forum, i finally got rid of that old grey look and i think it came out pretty damn nice. here are pics of my results. thanks to everyone on the forum sharing all the good knowledge. thats just dust from my hands on there...
  6. S

    1996 Explorer Limited- Paint Bumpers?

    I got a 1996 Explorer Limited, Cream/Off-White Color. The rear bumper is the same color as the car, does anybody have a picture of a cream X with the rear bumper painted black? Also I was thinking about painting the front bumper and grille, anybody have pictures of that? Also I was wondering...
  7. D

    HELP college kid!!!!

    I have 2002 ford explorer xls. I want to repaint the trim....WHITE. How do I make it look glossy like the rest of my paint?
  8. F

    96 xlt aftermarket bumpers

    :us:been lookin for a set of aftermarket bumpers for my 96 xlt for a while now, i cant seem to find anything though, i want an offroad style tubular bumper with a winch mount, a front receptor hitch, and a place to mount kc trail lights, if yall have any ideas where i could find such a bumper it...
  9. T

    Where Can I Buy Off road Bumpers for 2nd Gen Explorer?

    I am looking for a set of off road bumpers and I dont have the ability to build them. I was just wondering if anyone knows where to buy them... Thanks:exporange
  10. rear bumper

    rear bumper

    driver side view
  11. rear bumper

    rear bumper

    passenger side view
  12. B

    Show us your custom bumpers!!

    show us your custom bumpers!!(i need ideas for mine i am going to make)
  13. cobrajeff's Bronco II

    cobrajeff's Bronco II

    Here's a rear view, showing the 16" Mustang rim mounted to a modified spare tire bracket. I lowered the bracket about 4" so the huge tire would not block my vison so much.