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  1. Bender953

    Buy back timeline

    My limited was approved for a buyback (surprisingly even though it has 20k miles) and I looked at the couple posts about buy back procedure but I am not seeing anyone giving a timeline. I was hoping for some suggestions on what to look out for or avoid and how long I might expect the process to...
  2. F

    Rear Climate Control Cuts Out...Ford Unable To Diagnose

    Hello, I’m new here but have searched on this forum frequently. I have a 2016 Explorer XLT (stock no modifications) and the rear climate cuts out intermittently. It seems to do it most during the summer when it’s hot (80-100 degrees outside). I have had this issue since purchasing the car new in...
  3. 1

    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    2011 EXP LTD BD 06/02/2011. 1000 miles. Burnt oil smell during hard acceleration. This is easily repeatable and happens every time. Well now we have another confirmed issue with my LTD. Under hard accelerations coming from an on ramp and merging with fast moving traffic only. Other wise, all...