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  1. E

    New member, 2001 XLT for 7 years now

    Hi all, been an Explorer companion for the last 7 years, found the forum in my wanderings while trying to learn to do repairs myself. More cost-efficient these days, poor girl had a rough life before we met! Currently arguing with the driver’s door assembly and the radiator fan, I’m sure I’ll be...
  2. kindaclean93

    I have a california truck. How do I de-california-fy it?

    We're moving to Nevada soon, and my truck was originally made specifically for california, and I assume like every other car here it's dumbed down some. Even my rad support sticker says something about california. Any way to de-cali it? Picture because why not.
  3. L

    1997 Funugy from Whittier, California

    Hello all, although I've stalked here for several years I just now joined the forum. I live in CA and own a 1997 Explorer Sport (2wd) 4.0 SOHC purchased new. Originally it was purchased for my wife and then handed down to me, then my daughter, then back to me and then at 160K miles after...
  4. LONO100

    any sacramento member know whats the scoop on prarie city?

    hey all, any sacramento area members out there know whats going on at prarie city? i wanted to make a trip up there from the bay area, which is an hour plus drive, but i read on their website that the 4x4 area was "partially closed" because they were adding new obstacles and stuff like that. my...
  5. LONO100

    our trip to hollister hills and pinnacles nat'l monument (pics)

    here are some pictures of a trip i had last week with my friends and a couple of my truck buddies. we camped out at pinnacles nat'l monument and then went on to hollister hills SVRA. we had a blast. since i was the one driving, i didnt get too many pictures of my sport trac, thought id post what...
  6. LONO100

    prarie city saturday anyone?

    i know this is last minute but ill be driving up to prarie city near sacramento saturday morning (june 4). if anyone wants to roll, ill be the guy in the white ST on black wheels. it would be cool to meet some of my cali forum peeps.
  7. Keeper0311

    Keeper's Explorer. Take two.

    Welcome to my new registry. This is my 2000 Explorer XLT. Bought it from the original owner for $3,400. Came with the owners manual, and the paper work to prove it's been dealer maintained. When I purchased the Ex, it had 111,000 on the odometer, a small tear in the leather of the drivers seat...
  8. F

    5.0L Cold Air Intake

    Has anybody found an aftermarket Cold Air Intake kit for the 5.0L that is legal in California? I have a '99 5.0L AWD. Thanks.