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  1. I

    Free - full set of used brake callipers (x4)

    Rummaging in my garage, I have found a full set of 4 brake callipers I removed from my Explorer about 3+ years ago. These would require a full and proper refurb. to make good. The bleed nipples on the fronts are rounded and seized and the rears are perhaps in the same condition. If you might...
  2. J

    2013 explorer XLT front caliper suspension bushings

    I'm about to replace front rotors and pads on my 2013 Explorer XLT with towing package (3.5L). I keep seeing the guide pin boot kit with 2 front caliper suspension bushings included (ex. Advance Auto Parts - Down for Maintenance). I'm wondering how to remove the boots and where these bushings go.
  3. B

    Caliper bolt

    Hey everyone. Yesterday I had the front end of my truck in the air replacing the front end brake pads. I was able to replace the drivers side without an issue... but on the passenger side when I went to unbolt the caliper, the bolt free spins, even after keeping the caliper pin flat...
  4. Caliper


    Rebuilding Caliper - Painted Semi-Gloss Black - Rustoleum - using HVLP paint gun
  5. P

    Squeaking When Rolling, Goes Away When Pressing Brake

    I have a 2000 XLT and whenever I'm driving I hear this constant squeak. It starts at 25MPH and at around 50-55 MPH it goes away. If I am cruising at say 30 MPH, the squeak will constantly get louder and louder, until I lightly press the brake. Then the sound goes away. But after I depress the...
  6. G

    06 2WD XLT Brakes Engaging at Highway Speed

    On Monday, after 60 miles of highway driving, I began to notice that my brakes were engaging on their own without pushing on the brake pedal. It was subtle at first, but after 5 more miles there was a lot of noise. My best guess is that the squealing, popping and shuddering sounds were coming...
  7. W

    brake flush & bleed

    03 sport trac xlt 4wd i replaced two calipers and had some nasty contaminated brake fluid so i flushed all the lines at the same time by leaving the lines unattached and pumping the pedal. installed the two new rear calipers, fronts are still ok, and bled all four, one at a time, a few times...
  8. D

    How to Replace Bake Pads and Rotors

    Hey guys, I made a new video on how to replace pads and rotors. The average cost at the dealer or a mechanic to replace the brakes and rotors for out Rangers/B3000s is $400. If you do this yourself, it will cost you $120! That is a savings of $180 plus you learn how your car works and you use...
  9. B

    Brake rub after changing pads on 98 Explorer

    I read through tons of threads but couldn't seem to find an answer for this. I just replaced all the brake pads on my 1998 Explorer. Now, the brake pads on the right front seem to be rubbing a bit when driving straight and producing a vibration when turning right. However, there's no...
  10. P

    Best rotors for my type of driving ?

    Greetings, Looking to replace the front rotors on my 08 LTD. Pads were done at 63K in 2011. Rotors MAY have been done but may have also been turned instead, I am not sure but this was done at the dealer as a condition of purchasing the car. (Getting rid of the pulsing). 87k on the clock...
  11. firefly1246

    Explorer to Aviator front brake upgrade

    Has anyone upgraded the front brakes on your explorer to the 13" rotors and slightly larger calipers from an aviator? I am about to do my front brakes and it looks like it should be bolt in as long as there are 17" or larger diameter wheels. The advantage would be going from a 12.07" to a 13"...
  12. T

    Rear brake caliper pin kit ??

    1996 Explorer Sport 4.0 4wheel disc brakes. I started noticing a loud clanking noise coming from the rear of the truck when I would get close to the center median or on a bridge. I pulled off rear driver wheel to see that my Caliper is very loose and the whole thing along with the rotor...
  13. One bolt connects the brake line to the caliper.

    One bolt connects the brake line to the caliper.

  14. New & old caliper comparison.

    New & old caliper comparison.

    Clamp the brake line while replacing the caliper to prevent brake fluid from draining out of the master cylinder.
  15. J

    1996 ford explorer sport Brake suggestions

    Im a new member but have experience working on my explorer. I know the process of changeing out brake rotors pads and what not ive done it a couple of times but i usally just go to my local auto parts store give them my info, 1997 ford explorer v6 sport 4x4 and they suggest something. Im...
  16. P

    More Brake Problems

    MOT cancelled! On my way to the MOT station at last, I noticed that the brakes were quite poor. I'd tested them on the drive after fitting the new ABS module and they'd seemed fine but this had been a limited test. Today though, there was a lot more pedal travel than I remember and poor...
  17. M

    05 Sport Trac brake problem

    Hello, I have an 05 Sport Trac with a serious brake problem. My front passanger side caliper is locked up onto the rotor and won't release. The real problem is it just did that and I bought and replaced the caliper with a new one two weeks ago. When I changed it out last time I also replaced the...
  18. The caliper pins are going back into place.

    The caliper pins are going back into place.

  19. The caliper pin tool is pushing out the bolt.

    The caliper pin tool is pushing out the bolt.

  20. The caliper pin tool has a groove on the handle.

    The caliper pin tool has a groove on the handle.

  21. The caliper is coming out.

    The caliper is coming out.

  22. Caliper pin & piston tools.

    Caliper pin & piston tools.

  23. A bungee stretch cord is holding the caliper.

    A bungee stretch cord is holding the caliper.

  24. picture-002


  25. Painted Caliper

    Painted Caliper