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cam position sensor

  1. J

    2000 explorer fuel pump or camshaft sensor?

    As i was coming home my explorer just died and wouldn't restart. I had to push it into my drive way where it still sits. I can hear the fuel pump when i turn the key but it will only turn over for a few seconds and than quit. I don't know if its the fuel pump or camshaft sensor or something...
  2. O

    Could it be my CPS??

    My '99 5.0 Mountaineer has not been taking the winter too well. Recently, I've noticed the infamous "chirp". The squeaking was really loud a few weeks ago but I JUST replaced the serpentine belt and it got rid of the noise for a while but these past few days have been in the teens down to the...
  3. R

    Chirp under hood and CEL on HELP!!!!

    I know this has been talked to death on this forum but I have not found my answer. I have a 95 Explorer Vin X 4.0L engine 5 speed transmission. I've had the chirp for a long time now with no problems caused by it. I have read about the chirp / squeak and figured I would get around to fixing...