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    Anybody play with Arduino / CAN-BUS? Looking for the front camera trigger

    Hey all, greetings from the Flex forums. As you probably know, the Explorer gets all the fun new technology while the Flex has been completely forgotten by Ford. Pretty much the only difference between a 2013 and 2019 Flex is Sync3 and paint colors -- no new features. They haven't even...
  2. C

    backup camera diagnose and replace APIM

    I am new to this forum. I brought my 2012 explorer limited to the dealer because backup camera is not working. All the other bells and whistles work on the touch screen. Dealer told me I need new APIM module and it will cost 1240.00. 370.00 was for the diagnosis. I had the whole system replaced...
  3. H

    The weirdest camera there ever was (installing a back up cam)

    I would directly mention this is not meant to be the most efficient or professional install of a back up camera, this is just a crazy idea I had and something I thought would be fun to do and leave me with a working backup camera should I ever need it. Without further ado.... Hi all, I am...
  4. N

    Can explorer 2017 base screen play video?

    Hi all, I hope i can find some help with an idea i have... I have a 2017 explorer base model and comes from factory with a rear camera displaying on the small radio screen the camera video... So this means the screen should be able to display videos also as the camera is a video...
  5. K

    Rearview Camera Problems

    Was running errands, and everything was fine. Except at one point, my backup camera stopped coming on. The sensors still beep, but instead of the camera shot, I get my home screen. And, the Ford logo that normally appears when I start the car, is gone. Anyone else run into this problem...
  6. P

    Installing a backup camera & replacement sound system

    Greetings, My bad for not checking here BEFORE ordering. I just ordered a replacement radio/cd/dvd system for my 2008 Ltd 'splorer. It currently has premium sound, Sync, Bluetooth but no nav. I want to install this backup camera (or talk me into something else) with the new system and I...
  7. G

    Installing Backup Camera and 8" Screen in my 2013 Explorer - Is it possible?

    Hi, I purchased a 2013 Explorer a few years ago and did not opt for the backup camera and 8" screen. Is it possible to have this done aftermarket, if so will a Ford Dealership do it or do I need to go to an aftermarket auto accessory store? I would prefer to do this over selling purchasing a...
  8. B

    Rear bumper replaced now camera grainy

    I've always loved the rear camera resolution of my 2013 Explorer. I had to have the 3 piece non-painted portion of the bumper replaced. After picking up from the Ford body shop, I noticed my camera looks grainy. Any ideas how this repair would effect the camera as the camera is installed above...
  9. R

    Rear View Camera and Trailer Hitch

    I LOVE IT!!!!! I backed it up, nudged the hitch with the ball, put the Explorer in park, hit the brake, shut it off, walked around back, gave the trailer a shove and dropped it right on the ball. That easy, that fast. Incredible!!!! What is especially cool is that the dashed line...
  10. 2002 Sport/Sport Trac reverse lamp/camera wiring

    2002 Sport/Sport Trac reverse lamp/camera wiring

    Reverse lamp circuit for tapping back-up camera into.
  11. 2002 Sport/Sport Trac reverse lamp/camera wiring

    2002 Sport/Sport Trac reverse lamp/camera wiring

    Reverse lamp circuit for tapping back-up camera into.